TOP 11 Most Intense Girl Groups Choreographies Ever Created

These routines have everything from magic tricks to pole dancing to b-boying.

Boy groups are better known for their powerful choreography than girl groups are, but that doesn’t mean girl groups don’t have killer moves too. Here, in no particular order, are some of the most intense dances girl groups have ever done.

1. T-ara –  “Lovey Dovey”

“Lovey Dovey” might not seem challenging at first, but when long-time K-Pop fans talk about difficult girl group dances, this one is sure to come up.

This dance looks much easier than it is. It involves constant, precise movements…in heels!

2. After School – “First Love”

The dance for “First Love” is both unique and challenging, because it involves something rarely seen in K-Pop choreography: pole dancing.

After School took this ballad to the next level by pulling off an aerial dance routine that requires loads of upper body strength.


BLACKPINK loves their kickass dance routines, and this is one of their toughest ones yet.

This energetic choreography is pure power from start to finish!

4. SONAMOO – “Deja Vu”

SONAMOO got a lot of love when they debuted with an aggressive, girl-crush image and moves to match it.

SONAMOO proved that girl groups can have just as much hip-hop swagger as boy groups!

5. Red Velvet – “Dumb Dumb”

“Dumb Dumb” is another dance routine that looks easier than it is.

The constant, quick movement requires a high level of both precision and stamina in order to look effortless rather than exhausting. The members don’t get to rest, not even during the vocal break!

6. Girls’ Generation – “Into The New World (Remix)”

Girls’ Generation has had a number of killer dances over the years, but “Into The New World (Remix)” remains one of their most challenging.

This choreography combines sweeping arms, fancy footwork, and nonstop movement. It’s astounding how the members can perform this song live without getting out of breath!

7. 4MINUTE – “Crazy”

This iconic girl group was a huge fan of tough concepts that required equally tough dances.

Their ferocity was at its peak when they performed “Crazy” live on Music Bank. If fans didn’t already know how powerful this group was, they did after seeing “Crazy”!

8. GFRIEND – “Love Whisper”

This group has many complex dance routines, like “Rough”, but “Love Whisper” is definitely one of their most challenging ones to date.

For “Love Whisper”, GFRIEND teamed up with BTS‘s legendary choreographer, to give fans a sweet yet strong performance they would never forget.

9. GLAM – “I Like That”

Many newer K-Pop fans may not be familiar with GLAMBigHit Entertainment‘s disbanded girl group. Like BTS, GLAM had memorable hip-hop choreographies that fit their image.

“I Like That” features something rarely seen in girl group routines: break dncing!

10. BULLDOK – “Why Not”

BULLDOK’s choreography for their debut song “Why Not” combines feminity and fierceness.

Each of the members brings their own unique energy to this dance, while moving perfectly in sync.

11. DREAMCATCHER – “You and I”

This innovative girl group has taken the K-Pop world by surprise in a number of ways, and doesn’t shy away from complex choreographies.

This particular “You and I” performance is especially memorable for its use of an on-stage magic trick that blends perfectly into their killer routine.