These Are The Top 15 Best-Selling K-Pop Boy Group Albums Of 2020 So Far

It’s been a record-breaking sales year for K-Pop albums.

Each year, K-Pop album sales seem to be getting increasingly higher, as the music genre becomes more popular and groups develop larger fanbases. This year, both newer and older boy groups had some of their biggest albums sales so far, including one that beat the previous record (which was previously passed by the same, likely predictable, group). These are the 15 best-selling boy group albums of the year so far.

15. First Collection by SF9

Number of sales: 116.5k

Release date: January 7

Title track: “Good Guy”

14. Timeless by Super Junior

Number of sales: 119.1k

Release date: January 28

Title track: “2YA2YAO”

13. Hideout: Remember Who We Are – Season 1 by CRAVITY

Number of sales: 147.4k

Release date: April 14

Title track: “Break All the Rules”

12. TREASURE EPILOGUE: Action to Answer by ATEEZ

Number of sales: 166.5k

Release date: January 6

Title track: “Answer”

11. The Nocturne by NU’EST

Number of sales: 196.6k

Release date: May 11

Title track: “I’m In Trouble”


Number of sales: 208.8k

Release date: July 29

Title track: “Inception” and “Thanxx”

9. Go Live by Stray Kids

Number of sales: 243.5k

Release date: June 17

Title track: “God’s Menu”


Number of sales: 257.3k

Release date: May 26

Title track: “Fantasia”

7. The Dream Chapter: Eternity by TXT

Number of sales: 276.0k

Release date: May 18

Title track: “Can’t You See Me”

6. DYE by GOT7

Number of sales: 444.6k

Release date: April 20

Title track: “Not by the Moon”

5. Neo Zone: The Final Round by NCT 127

Number of sales: 469.1k

Release date: May 19

Title track: “Punch”

4. Reload by NCT Dream

Number of sales: 604.5k

Release date: April 29

Title track: “Ridin'”

3. Neo Zone: The 2nd Album by NCT 127

Number of sales: 784.3k

Release date: March 6

Title track: “Kick It”

2. Heng:garae by SEVENTEEN

Number of sales: 1.21 million

Release date: June 22

Title track: “Left & Right”

1. Map of the Soul: 7 by BTS

Number of sales: 4.27 million

Release date: February 21

Title track: “ON”