These Are The Top 15 Highest Selling K-Pop Boy Group Albums From 2010-2020

Some of these have sold insane numbers

K-Pop album sales have been on the rise in recent years, thanks to the music genre becoming more and more popular worldwide as time passes and people discover it. Whereas in the past popular albums may have hit a couple hundred thousand sales if they did really well, some albums now are reaching millions of sales, which is incredible! Here are the 15 highest selling K-Pop boy group albums since 2010, though all of them have been released in the last couple of years due to how much better albums are selling overall.

15. Wanna One: I Promise You  —  829k sales

14. SEVENTEEN: An Ode — 902k sales

13. BTS: You Never Walk Alone — 1 million sales

12. BTS: Wings — 1.11 million sales

11. EXO: Ex’Act — 1.19 million sales

10. EXO: Exodus — 1.28 million sales

9. EXO: XOXO — 1.3 million sales

8. Wanna One: 1×1=1 (To Be One) — 1.45 million sales

7. EXO: The War — 1.67 million sales

6. EXO: Don’t Mess Up My Tempo — 1.97 million sales

5. BTS: Love Yourself: Tear — 2.18 million sales

4. BTS: Love Yourself: Her — 2.2 million sales

3. BTS: Love Yourself: Answer — 2.56 million sales

2. BTS: Map of the Soul: Persona — 3.75 million sales

1. BTS: Map of the Soul: 7 — 4.11 million sales