Top 15 Softest And Purest Suga And J-Hope “SoPe” Gifs That’ll Melt Your Heart For At Least 5 Minutes

Their wholesome relationship will give you warm feelings and nice butterflies in your stomach, especially at #7.

The bond between BTS‘s J-Hope and Suga is special because both of them have seemingly opposite personalities.


Suga is more of an introvert who likes to communicate with people close to his heart. He’s also quiet sometimes because he tends to be more reserved.

On the other hand, J-Hope is an extrovert who likes talking to several people. Because of his fun and out-going personality, he tends to make friends easily.

This is why whenever the two of them interact, it’s always a nice, feel-good moment because these two polar opposites have amazingly found true friendship with each other.

Here are 15 wholesome moments of Suga and J-Hope (also known as SoPe) that will make your day seem a little bit brighter.

1. Warm smiles, even during their early years

2. Suga holding J-Hope’s hand to help guide him while walking

3. Cat Suga who enjoys clinging to Hoseok…

4. …and Hoseok who tells him to hold him tightly

5. J-Hope is the battery that gives Suga energy

6. Suga’s thankful for his close friend

7. Their slight height difference is adorable

8. It’s even more highlighted every time Yoongi reaches for a hug

9. Of course, SoPe moments will never be without funny moments

10. These two understand each other, during happy times…

11. …and especially during sad times, like this…

12. …and this.

13. Whatever happens, Suga loves talking to J-Hope

14. He also loves it when he makes his close friend laugh

15. Or sometimes, because words aren’t needed between the two…

…this soft moment between them is enough to warm the hearts of millions of ARMYs worldwide.

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