Top 15 Softest V And Jimin “VMin” Gifs That’ll Brighten Your Day And Make You Smile For At Least 5 Minutes

Yes, they really did #13 and it was caught on camera.

BTS‘s and Jimin consider each other as best friends.


They have even mentioned several times that their relationship is “soulmates”, having known each other even when BTS hadn’t even debuted yet.

Whenever V feels sad and cries, Jimin’s the first member he turns to for comfort.

And whenever Jimin needs a hug, too, V is always there to provide it for him.

In celebration of this duo’s adorable and touching friendship, here are 15 softest moments between the two:

1. Bright smiles and jumping happily to the beat of the song

2. Old habits never change…

3. …right?

4. V and Jimin always love showing off their friendship, while performing…

5. …or even during behind-the-scenes

6. Since these two often find comfort in each other…

7. …they can’t help but show their affection, even in public!

8. A good friend should be willing to give you a back-hug, don’t you think?

9. Back-hugs there…

10. …back-hugs here…

11. …back-hugs everywhere!

12. Only thing better than a back-hug? Cuddling, of course

13. Their adorable skinship is a cute proof of their friendship

14. Friends let friends show their derp faces on camera, after all

15. Sealing their endless friendship with a kiss

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