These Are The Top 15 Most-Watched Covers Of K-Pop Songs Performed By Other Artists

All of these covers are absolutely stunning.

A lot of K-Pop idols are fans of other artists in the music genre, and sometimes, they pay tribute to them by performing covers of their songs! Whether performed in a studio, on a competition show, or during a live performance, the following 15 covers are the most-watched by fans, and it’s easy to see why once you’ve listened to them. All of these renditions are beautiful, and really flatter the original artist and song!

15. “The Lonely Bloom Stands Alone” by Hynn, covered by Solji (EXID)

First on this list is EXID’s power vocalist, Solji. Her cover of “The Lonely Bloom Stands Alone”, released on October 2, 2019, has amassed 1.46 million views and 40.3k likes. Top comments on the video include:

  • “your voice and high notes make me cry”
  • “Solji, you are an amazing singer. It is always pleasant to hear your voice.”

14. “I Believe” by Shin Seunghun, covered by Kim Jaehwan

Kim Jaehwan performed this rendition of “I Believe” on Immortal Songs 2, absolutely wowing the audience. The video was released on April 27, 2019, and has gained 1.52 million watches and 71.8k likes. Some of the top comments include:

  • “Jaehwan… I hope you will continue singing because your voice brightens up my life”
  • I miss him so bad :'( Jaehwan voices never fail to make me crying his voices deserve everything I’m so proud of u our amazing Jaehwanie <3″

13. “How Can I Love the Heartbreak, You’re the One I Love” by Akdong Musician, covered by Eunji (Apink)

Apink’s Eunji has done several covers of other K-Pop artists, but this Akdong Musician cover is definitely her most popular. Released on October 24, 2019, the video has 1.82 million views and 46.3k likes. Some of the top comments include:

  • “Eunji is such a remarkable woman. She really has everything a performer could ever wish for: singing talent, dancing ability, an accomplished musician, beautiful to look at, plus Eunji is from the supercity of Busan!”
  • “from a non korean speaker.. Eun Ji conveys the meaning with her tone and voice beautifully.”

12. “All of My Life” by Park Won, covered by Chen (EXO)

Chen has covered many different K-Pop artists over his time as an idol, and this one, released on June 28, 2019, was very well-received. The video has 1.88 million views and 254.3k likes. Top comments include:

  • “I’m actually ARMY. But I can’t ignore how talented Chen is. This is pure talent”
  • “Never stop singing, this world needs your voice :((“
  • Wow this it so beautiful, his voice is powerful. I can fell what he is trying to transmit with his voice. Chen you are unbelievable. You deserve only good things in your life, be happy.”

11. “Breath” by Park Hyoshin, covered by Chen (EXO)

Get used to seeing Chen on this list, because he makes up the majority of these popular covers! This video, released on June 24, 2020, has amassed 2.38 million views already and 577.6k likes. Some top comments include:

  • “Chen’s songs and voice are the most beautiful thing in the universe”
  • “chennie, these past few days have been hard for me. your voice is able to make me calm, thanks chennie<3”

10. “Through the Night” by IU, covered by Chen (EXO)

Chen has no trouble covering songs by female artists, and IU’s “Through the Night” is no exception! Released on May 17, 2019, this cover has 2.53 million views and 313.9k likes. Top comments include:

  • Girls don’t want man, girls just want chen’s youtube update”
  • “Imagine Chen singing this to his Wife and to his daughter.”
  • “I’m not a fan of exo but If I don’t listen to this cover at least two times a day then there will be something wrong, he has such an angel voice. Love you chen”

9. “Breathe” by Lee Hi, covered by Paul Kim

“Breathe” is easily one of Lee Hi’s most iconic songs, and has been covered numerous times by other artists. Paul Kim did a great job with his cover, which came out on April 4, 2016, and it now has 2.54 million views and 24.1k likes. Top comments include:

  • Whenever paul sings the emotion, is delivered so well to us
  • “Woah! This is the best cover of Breathe ever. Paul Kim is soooo under-rated.”
  • “best cover , seem like male version of leehi”

8. “Every Day, Every Moment” by Paul Kim, covered by Chen (EXO)

Chen stuns fans once again with another gorgeous cover in his studio. The “Every Day, Every Moment” cover, released on April 26, 2019, has 2.81 million views and 282.4k likes. Top comments include:

  • “Hearing this is different, now knowing that he truly has someone special giving him strength and comfort. It’s somehow even more beautiful and touching. Thank you Chen.”
  • “I’m a new fan of EXO and I cried listening to this cover gosh :’. We love you and will always be waiting for you & respect your decision!”

7. “Honestly” by Eric Nam, covered by J.Fla

“Honestly” is one of Eric Nam’s most popular songs, and J.Fla did a wonderful job covering it! The cover, released on May 14, 2018, now has 2.88 million views and 65k likes, and some of the top comments include:

  • “She’s not just good, she’s great! Eric would love this!! Amazing cover”
  • “Korean is such a beautiful language, your voice is perfect for it. Wow”

6. “Ugly” by 2NE1, covered by J.Fla

J.Fla could’ve been the fifth member of 2NE1 with a voice like this! This stunning cover has 2.95 million views and 13.5k likes, and came out on August 23, 2012. Top comments include:

  • “2ne1 girls would be amazed and proud if they ever see this.”
  • “For some reason, this is the one that gets stuck in my head, even though I can only understand a few of the lyrics. Your voice is addictive.”

5. “Eyes, Nose, Lips” by Taeyang, covered by J.Fla

Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips” took the K-Pop industry by storm when it came out, and J.Fla’s cover of the iconic song pays wonderful tribute to it. The video, released on August 4, 2018, has 3.00 million views and 30.7k likes. Top comments include:

  • “I just hear that you singing to english song.. when I was hear this, your voice are so sweet when singing korean song. Please do more korean song cover”
  • “YG please take this girl”

4. “If You” by BIGBANG, covered by J.Fla

J.Fla performed this lovely version of BIGBANG’s “If You” in her studio, and it’s become her most-watched cover. The video, released on July 6, 2015, has 3.24 million views and 42k likes. Top comments include:

  • “Why ?? I’m being so long with J.Fla and I see this only now. God, my VIP’s heart is fluttering and crying at the same time.. Thanks, J.Fla for such a great cover for BIGBANG”
  • “I got goosebumps. This IS TOO GOOD OMG”

3. “Don’t Touch Me” by Ailee, covered by Kim Jaehwan

Former Wanna One member Kim Jaehwan performed “Don’t Touch Me” on King of Masked Singer, impressing the judges with his powerful voice. Released on April 23, 2018, it has become the most-watched cover performed on the competition show, with 4.12 million watches and 89.7k likes. Top comments include:

  • “never regret the fact that i vote for Kim Jaehwan during PD101”
  • “I think this performance is closer to his “real” singing voice. In WANNA ONE’s dance songs, Jaehwan has to change his style a bit to sound clearer. I’m glad he can showcase his more comfortable voice. :D”
  • “Kim Jaehwan is one of the best vocalist of all idols. Fight me.”

2. “Sorry” by Yang Dail, covered by Chen (EXO)

Chen recorded this version of “Sorry” in the studio, and it’s become the second most-watched cover by a K-Pop artists. The video, released on March 13, 2019, has 4.43 million views and 504.9k likes. Top comments include:

  • “Dear chen’s wife I just wanna say you’re the most [lucky] girl ever in this world cause you listen to his voice every morning”
  • “i’m addicted to his voice istg !! jongdae definitely has his own style i donno but he can sing ANY TYPE OF SONGS and make it his , go on bestest idol n father we love you”

1. “If You” by BIGBANG, covered by IU

The most-watched K-Pop cover by another K-Pop artist is this rendition of BIGBANG’s “If You” sung by IU live at Melody Forest Camp 2015. The video, which came out on September 19, 2015, has 7.13 million views and 118.1k likes. Top comments include:

  • “IU the most successful VIP”
  • “even mosquitoes look like fireflies and fairy lights when in the presence of iu”
  • “that’s 5 different vocal ranges!!! IU really is on a different level”