These Were The Top 17 Best-Selling K-Pop Albums In August 2020 Based On Hanteo

A lot of the albums didn’t even come out in August!

Hanteo has just released their data on the K-Pop albums that had the most sales in August of 2020. While many of the albums on the list came out in August, several came out at least a month or two beforehand, which makes it even more impressive that they ended up on the list, since the first day and week of sales tend to be the biggest! Both new and old artists made it onto the chart as well, including a couple of debut albums. Check out the total sales below! Keep in mind that these are the sales made only in August, and not the total sales that the albums have made as a whole.

17. Map of the Soul: 7 by BTS

Sales: 15.6k

Release date: February 21

Title song: “ON”

16. Running Together by TOO

Sales: 16.1k

Release date: July 15

Title song: “Count 1, 2”

15. Vivid by AB6IX

Sales: 16.2k

Release date: June 29

Title song: “The Answer”

14. Blue Punch by Rocket Punch

Sales: 18.2k

Release date: August 4

Title song: “Juicy”

13. Monster by Red Velvet’s Irene & Seulgi

Sales: 21.2k

Release date: July 6

Title song: “Monster”

12. Earth Age by MCND

Sales: 22.2k

Release date: August 20

Title song: “nanana”

11. Spin Off by ONF

Sales: 46.8k

Release date: August 10

Title song: “Sukhumvit Swimming”

10. Dystopia: Lose Myself by Dreamcatcher

Sales: 47.1k

Release date: August 17

Title song: “Boca”

9. Lived by ONEUS

Sales: 57.5k

Release date: August 19

Title song: “To Be or Not to Be”

8. Fame by Han Seungwoo

Sales: 71.8k

Release date: August 10

Title song: “Sacrifice”

7. Beach Again by SSAK3

Sales: 83.6k

Release date: July 18

Title song: “Beach Again”

6. Hideout: The New Day We Step Into by CRAVITY

Sales: 88.6k

Release date: August 25

Title song: “Flame”

5. DUMDi DUMDi by (G)I-DLE

Sales: 109.8k

Release date: August 3

Title song: “DUMDi DUMDi”

4. Zero: Fever Pt.1 by ATEEZ

Sales: 133.5k

Release date: July 29

Title song: “Inception” and “THANXX”

3. Not Shy by ITZY

Sales: 150.8k

Release date: August 17

Title song: “Not Shy”

2. The First Step: Chapter One by Treasure

Sales: 169.2k

Release date: August 7

Title song: “Boy”

1. Magenta by Kang Daniel

Sales: 324.7k

Release date: August 3

Title song: “Who U Are”