Here Are The Best 17 BTS Title Tracks, Voted By Fans

It’s so hard to choose a favorite…

For most ARMYs, it’s impossible to choose a favorite BTS song. They have such an extensive discography now, and so much of their music is fantastic, that being able to choose just one to name as the best seems unlikely. When you narrow it down to just their title tracks, it can be a little easier to make a decision, but still challenging because they’re all unique and great in their own ways.

Nevertheless, a recent poll asked fans to vote for their favorite BTS title track song, and these were the results out of the 17 songs listed.

17. “N.O.”: 1% of votes



16. “No More Dream”: 2% of votes



15. “Danger”: 3% of votes



14. “War of Hormone”: 3% of votes



13. “Dope”: 3% of votes



12. “Boy In Luv”: 4% of votes



11. “Fire”: 4% of votes



10. “Idol”: 4% of votes



9. “Not Today”: 5% of votes



8. “Run”: 5% of votes



7. “ON”: 6% of votes



6. “DNA”: 6% of votes



5. “Boy With Luv”: 8% of votes



4. “I Need U”: 8% of votes



3. “Fake Love”: 11% of votes



2. “Blood, Sweat & Tears”: 14% of votes



1. “Spring Day”: 15% of votes



Source: Poll