These Are The Top 20 Best-Selling K-Pop Albums Of February 2020

How many did you buy?

K-Pop albums sales are increasing as the genre becomes more popular worldwide. Each month, the number of copies of albums sold are tracked, and are a key indicator of how successful an idol group is. Here are the top 20 highest selling albums from the month of February – some of which were released as much as a year or couple years ago and are still selling well!

20. Twice’s Signal 

Even though this was released in May of 2017, this album still sold over 9,000 copies!

19. BTS’s Map of the Soul: Persona

This album came out in April of last year, and BTS shows its dominance in the industry by still selling nearly 11,000 copies last month.

18. VeriVery’s Face Me

This rookie group’s album, which came out in January, is doing well with over 11,000 sales in February!

17. TWICE’s Fancy You

Like BTS’s Map of the Soul: Persona, this album was released last April, but still ranked on the list with almost 11 and a half thousand albums sold!

16. Rocket Punch’s Red Punch

This album just came out last month, and fans are showing it lots of love with 12 and a half thousand units in sales.

15. Golden Child’s Without You

This album was released at the end of January, and fans of the group are still buying it at over 12 and a half thousand albums sold.

14. Various Artists’ Crash Landing on You OST

This OST came out about a month ago, and fans of the drama are clearly loving the music from it with about 15,000 copies of the album sold.

13. SF9’s First Collection

The boys won their first win with the title track of this album, and no wonder – it’s doing well with almost 22,000 copies of the album sold a month after its initial release!

12. ATEEZ’s Epilogue: Action to Answer

This fifth album from the monster rookie group sold over 22,000 copies of the album in February that was released in early January.

11. IZ*ONE’s BLOOM*IZ [Kit]

Released in mid-February, this girl group sold about 24 and a half thousand copies in the last couple weeks of the month!

10. Everglow’s reminiscence

The album came out in early February, and made around 27,000 copies in sales that month.

9. Dreamcatcher’s 1st Album [Dystopia: The Tree of Language]

This group’s first full-length album made a whopping 42 and a half thousand sales in its first month of release!

8. iKON’s i Decide

Also released early last month, iKON’s album made an incredible 55,000 sales in February!

7. PENTAGON’s Universe: The Black Hall

PENTAGON’s latest album came out in the middle of last month, but still managed to make over 57,000 copies in sales in the remaining weeks.

6. MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul’s Dark Side of the Moon

Moonbyul’s solo 2nd mini album was released on Valentine’s Day, and managed to make nearly 73,000 copies in sales in the next two weeks.

5. LOONA’s [#]

This much-loved girl group released their new album early in February, and sold almost 80,000 copies in the month.

4. GFRIEND’s Labyrinth

Also released early in February, GFRIEND sold an incredible 82 and a half thousand copies of their new album.

3. The Boyz’s Reveal

The Boyz’s latest album came out about halfway through the month, and managed to sell over 85,000 copies!


Separate from the kit version of this album, the regular style of BLOOM*IZ sold a stunning nearly 400,000 copies in sales!

1. BTS’s Map of the Soul: 7

Far surpassing any of the other artists on this list, BTS’s latest album, which came out late in the month, sold an incredible 4.1 million copies worldwide – and only continues to sell more.