These Are The Top 20 Most Expensive Pieces Of BTS Merch You Can Buy… If You’re Rich AF

Do you think they’re worth the price?

With BTS as famous and popular as they are now, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that some of their rarer merchandise pieces, especially signed items, are being sold at a high price. But do you know just how much? These are 20 of the most expensive pieces of merch being sold that you can actually purchase, if you have enough money!

20. 5 All-Member Signed BTS Albums: $1,000

19. BTS All Member Signed O! R U L8, 2? Album: $1,000

18. BTS J-Hope Hip Hop Monster Plush Doll: $1,000

17. BTS Dark & Wild Jimin Cheki Autographed Polaroid from Japan: $1,025

16. BTS CeCi PC J-Hope Photo Card: $1,045

15. BTS Jin Dark & Wild Autographed Polaroid: $1,100

14. BTS x Starbucks 13 Full Set Collaboration Limited Time Product: $1,150

13. BTS All Members Signed Posters Lottery Winning Collection: $1,199

12. BTS Global Official Fan Club 5th ARMY Set: $1,269

11. BTS 2014 Season’s Greetings Full Set: $1,300

10. Sealed Official BTS 1st Gen Hip Hop Monster Plush Doll (Jungkook): $1,300

9. BTS Mini Photo Trading Card Map Of The Soul: $1,345

8. Autographed Ball with Jimin’s Kisses: $1,770

7. BTS Jimin Skool Luv Affair MWave Meet & Greet Authentic Polaroid: $1,800

6. BTS Bearbrick Medicom + Photocard, New Factory Sealed: $1,950

5. BTS Suga Set: Fan, Flag, Poster, Mini Photo, Cup Holder, Etc.: $2,300

4. BTS The Red Bullet Signed Photocards Official Full Set: $2,700

3. BTS Suga Surprise Gifts For Fans With Handwritten Message Card: $2,999

2. BTS Cheki CAN CAN Prize Signed Polaroid from Japan: $3,750

1. BTS 15 cm Real Figure Full Members Limited Edition: $4,900