The Top 20 Favorite Female Idols As Chosen By Korean Lesbian & Bisexual Women in 2019

Even more LGBTQ+ women voted for their favorite female idols this year.

Last year, Korean LGBTQ+ women were polled about their favorite female idols, and that poll has come back once more for a 2019 update. This time 4,542 women were polled with a total of 18,776 votes for their favorite idols. That’s 424 more women and 916 more votes than last year! The list has some very similar placements, but there are also quite a few new entries this time.

20. WJSN’s Eunseo

19. IZ*ONE’s Minju

18. IZ*ONE’s Eunbi

17. IZ*ONE’s Chaewon

16. LOONA’s Olivia Hye

15. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

14. Chungha

13. TWICE’s Sana

12. Red Velvet’s Yeri

11. LOONA’s Yves

10. Red Velvet’s Joy

9. WJSN Bora

8. Red Velvet’s Wendy

7. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa

6. MAMAMOO’s Solar

5. MAMAMOO’s Wheein

4. WJSN’s Seola

3. MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul

2. Red Velvet’s Irene

1. Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Seulgi, Irene and Moonbyul got the top 3 spot two years in a row! Despite the list fluctuating a bit with new and recurring idols, Yves was also able to keep the #11 spot.

Check out the full list as well as last year’s list below:


Here’s The Most Popular Female Idols Among Korean Lesbian Women