Here Are The Top 20 K-Pop Artists Ever, Based On Melon’s “Top 100 K-Pop Songs Of All Time” List

Did your favorites make the cut?

Recently, Melon released a list of the top 100 K-Pop songs of all time. They asked 35 music critics and industry experts to name their personal choices, then they compiled the final list after gathering all the responses.

According to YouTube channel The Seoul Shinmun, however, the list suffers from some bias. The more divided the opinions were for a song, the lower its overall ranking. To compensate for this bias, they compiled a chart ranking the artists based on the scores of their songs from Melon’s list.

Read on to see the top 20 K-Pop artists of all time!

20. KARA

Although “Mister” received the most support from experts, “STEP” and “Lupin” were also well-loved.

19. PSY

As expected PSY’s “Gangnam Style” received an overwhelming number of votes.


TWICE has many hit songs including “Feel Special,” “LIKEY,” and “Like OOH-AHH,” but “CHEER UP” and “T.T.” ranked the highest!

17. S.E.S.

First generation girl group S.E.S. had two songs ranked in the top 100: “I’m Your Girl” and “Dreams Come True.”

16. Lee Hyori

“Nation’s Fairy” Lee Hyori is best known for her songs “10 Minutes” and “U-Go-Girl.”

15. TVXQ

Aside from “Mirotic” and “Hug,” which both made it to the Top 100 chart, “Rising Sun” and “Catch Me” also did well on the list.

14. H.O.T.

Many years have passed since “Candy” was first released, but it is still being mentioned by many people today! Other songs that experts chose include “Warrior’s Descendants,” “We Are The Future,” and “Happiness.”

13. Seo Taiji & Boys

The Seo Taiji & Boys song that gained the most support was “I Know,” followed by “Come Back Home” and “Classroom Idea.”


Experts overwhelmingly chose “DDU-DU DDU-DU” as BLACKPINK’s representative song, but many other songs were also mentioned, including “Lovesick Girls,” “How You Like That,” “As If It’s Your Last,” and “Whistle.”

11. EXO

Many experts singled out “Growl” as EXO’s representative song. However, others also mentioned “CALL ME BABY” and “LOVE ME RIGHT.”

10. Red Velvet

“Red Flavor” was mentioned the most, but “Psycho,” “Ice Cream Cake,” and “Peek-A-Boo” also received support.

9. f(x)

The third SM Entertainment group to be mentioned in a row, f(x)’s iconic songs include “4 Walls,” “NU ABO,” “Rum Pum Pum Pum” and “Electric Shock.”

8. 2NE1

Many experts listed “I AM THE BEST,” “Fire,” and “I Don’t Care” in their personal top 100 K-Pop songs.

7. Wonder Girls

Even though only “Tell Me” and “Nobody” entered the top 100, their later songs “Why So Lonely” and “I Feel You” were also mentioned!


Next, BIGBANG’s “LIES” and “Fantastic Baby” were chosen as their most popular songs. Besides those, “BANG BANG BANG,” “LOSER,” and “HARU HARU” also received votes from experts.

5. IU

Solo artist IU has three songs ranked in the top 100—”Good Day,” “Twenty-Three,” and “Through The Night,” but she’s also known for many songs like “Palette,” “Dear Name,” and “Friday!”

4. BoA

BoA’s “No.1,” which took the #1 spot on Melon’s Top 100 chart,” received the most overwhelming support, but “Atlantis Girl,” “My Name,” and “Girls On Top” followed after.

3. SHINee

There are many SHINee songs that experts singled out, such as “Sherlock,” “View,” “Ring Ding Dong,” “Replay,” “Lucifer,” and “Everybody.” The sheer number of songs shows just how popular they are!

2. Girls’ Generation

In second place is iconic girl group Girls’ Generation! Many experts voted for “Gee” and “Into The New World,” but “I GOT A BOY” and “Genie” were also top contenders.

1. BTS

Last but not the least, the top K-Pop artist of all time according to experts is none other than BTS! Out of the many artists out there, BTS had the most songs that they considered to be masterpieces, including “Dynamite,” “Blood Sweat & Tears,” “Spring Day,” “DNA,” and “Boy With Love.”

This is just further confirmation that BTS’s legacy is here to stay!

Check out the full list in the video below.

Source: YouTube