The Top 20 K-Pop Songs Of 2021, According To “Marie Claire”

These are all great songs!

Marie Claire magazine just dropped their list of the 20 best K-Pop songs of the year!

2021 was a big year for K-Pop, and fans have enjoyed tons of great songs from their favorite soloists, new groups, and veteran groups.

Here are all 20 songs Marie Claire thinks are must-listens from this year!

1. “Celebrity” (IU)

This song is beautiful, and its message is so inspiring!

“Celebrity” reminds people they can be celebrities in their own lives and about the importance of self-love. The catchy EDM chorus and IU’s gorgeous voice made this song an instant hit.

2. “Rosario” (Epik High ft. CL and Zico)

When you put these K-Pop icons together, it’s bound to result in a hit!

In this song, Epik High, CL, and Zico remind everyone that they are legends who are here to stay. As you listen to them clap back at their haters, you can’t help but bop along to the beat.

3. “I’m Not Cool” (HyunA)

All hail Queen HyunA!

This song is just as addictive now as it was when it first came out, and we’ll never get tired of hearing HyunA’s unique voice and dancing along to this song’s catchy choreography.

4. “Beautiful Beautiful’ (ONF)

This song is so catchy!

The lyrics are super inspiring, and you won’t be able to resist singing “I’m beautiful” and “I’m wonderful” along with ONF. It’s like a lesson in self-love wrapped up in a super catchy song!

5. “On the Ground”  (BLACKPINK’s Rosé)

Rosé’s highly anticipated solo debut definitely did not disappoint!

The meaningful lyrics are unforgettable, and the EDM chorus is super catchy. “On the Ground” is truly Rosé at her best.

6. “After School” (Weeekly)

Waiting for the final school bell to ring has never sounded so good!

“After School” is a super catchy bop, and it’s hard to get out of your head. We bet you can’t resist singing “I’m so good with you” for hours after you listen to this song!

7. “Unnatural” (WJSN, also known as Cosmic Girls)

This song may be just a few months old, but it’s already a classic!

“Unnatural” is WJSN at their best, and their vocals deserve all the hype and more.

8. “Spider” (SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi)

Hoshi did not come to play with his solo debut!

“Spider” is an absolute masterpiece. From Hoshi’s vocals, to the immaculate production, to the choreography, this song is EVERYTHING!


This song was everywhere this year, and it’s definitely worth all the hype!

“ASAP” is an ultra-catchy, bubblegum pop song, and it’s hard to resist doing the choreography when the chorus plays.

10. “Fever” (ENHYPEN)

This moody R&B song is an absolute jam!

ENHYPEN may still be rookies, but this song cemented their place as legends in K-Pop history.

11. “Next Level” (aespa)

This song was truly on the “next level!” 

Aespa took listeners on a wild ride in “Next Level,” and it’s hard to decide which part of the song is the best part. Is it the chorus? The verses? The breakdown in the middle of the song? We don’t know!

12. “Advice”  (SHINee’s Taemin)

Take our advice and listen to this song!

Whether he’s performing with SHINee, SuperM, or as a solo artist, Taemin is always absolutely mesmerizing, and “Advice” is the perfect example of just how incredible he is.

13. “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)” (TXT ft. Seori)

This angsty song is just amazing!

TXT pulls off the pop-punk concept exceptionally well, and they absolutely slayed this heartfelt rock song.

14. “Butter” (BTS)

Butter has never sounded so good!

BTS’s second English single was the perfect mix of pop and R&B, and it gave all of the members a chance to show their talents off.

15. “Alcohol-Free” (TWICE)

This summer jam is absolutely iconic!

TWICE put a new spin on their beloved summer songs by slowing things down and singing over a bossa nova inspired beat. The lyrics compare falling in love to feeling drunk, and we are definitely drunk in love with this song!

16. “Ready to Love” (SEVENTEEN)

This SEVENTEEN track is absolutely beautiful!

“Ready to Love” is about wanting to be more than friends with someone, and the dance-pop beat makes this song truly unforgettable.

17. “NAKKA” (AKMU ft. IU)

AKMU’s voices blend so perfectly with IU’s voice!

This retro-inspired jam is filled with beautiful lyrics, and the song is truly a masterpiece.

18. “Zombie” (PURPLE KISS)

Being chased by zombies has never been so catchy!

This song likens falling in love to being chased by zombies, and the unique metaphor totally works. “Zombie” is an absolute jam!


This fun track just screams Lisa!

“LALISA” was the perfect way for Lisa to show off her skills when it comes to dancing, rapping, and singing. What a great solo debut!

20. “BAD LOVE” (SHINee’s Key)

This space-inspired bop is a masterpiece!

Key fought for years to bring his retro space concept to life, and his hard work definitely paid off with “BAD LOVE.” His powerful voice takes the song to the next level and shows that he’s definitely earned the right to be called a K-Pop legend.



Source: Marie Claire