These Are The Top 20 Most Popular K-Pop Songs Right Now Based On Instiz iChart

This chart looks a lot different than some others!

There are many different ways to measure the success and popularity of a K-Pop song — by its YouTube views and likes, by its Spotify streams, by album sales, and many more. The Instiz iChart collects data from a variety of Korean music charts and compiles them into one chart to determine which songs are most popular by calculating the data into points. Below are the current 20 most popular K-Pop songs based on this chart!

20. “Summer Hate” by Zico ft. Rain

Instiz iChart points: 2,784

YouTube views: 9.00 million

YouTube likes: 301.6k

19. “Aloha” by Cho Jungseok

Instiz iChart points: 2,846

YouTube views: 15.69 million

YouTube likes: 117.6k

18. “Bon Voyage” by YooA

Instiz iChart points: 3,058

YouTube views: 16.08 million

YouTube likes: N/A

17. “Downtown Baby” by BLOO

Instiz iChart points: 3,132

YouTube views: 6.12 million

YouTube likes: 91.0k

16. “Happy Birthday” by Ovan

Instiz iChart points: 3,350

YouTube views: 131.9k

YouTube likes: 3.55k

15. “Holo” by Lee Hi

Instiz iChart points: 3,670

YouTube views: 8.85 million

YouTube likes: 582.9k

14. “Dumdi Dumdi” by (G)I-DLE

Instiz iChart points: 5,192

YouTube views: 66.73

YouTube likes: 1.07 million

13. “Dolphin” by Oh My Girl

Instiz iChart points: 5,686

YouTube views: 6.74 million

YouTube likes: N/A

12. “Ice Cream” by BLACKPINK & Selena Gomez

Instiz iChart points: 5,909

YouTube views: 241.7 million

YouTube likes: 12.7 milion

11. “Not Shy” by ITZY

Instiz iChart points: 5,941

YouTube views: 71.21 million

YouTube likes: 2.51 million

10. “The Moment My Heart Flinched” by Kyuhyun

Instiz iChart points: 6,462

YouTube views: 819.5k

YouTube likes: 4.88k

9. “How You Like That” by BLACKPINK

Instiz iChart points: 6,761

YouTube views: 518.2 million

YouTube likes: 16.2 million

8. “Eight” by IU ft. Suga

Instiz iChart points: 6,797

YouTube views: 88.13 million

YouTube likes: 4.55 million

7. “Maria” by Hwasa

Instiz iChart points: 7,816

YouTube views: 68.14 million

YouTube likes: 2.21 million

6. “Nunu Nana” by Jessi

Instiz iChart points: 9,235

YouTube views: 28.92 million

YouTube likes: 1.11 million

5. “When We Disco” by J.Y. Park ft. Sunmi

Instiz iChart points: 9,285

YouTube views: 19.15 million

YouTube likes: 605.7k

4. “Old Song” by Standing Egg

Instiz iChart points: 9,330

YouTube views: 11.40 million

YouTube likes: 41.3k

3. “Slightly Tipsy” by Sandeul

Instiz iChart points: 13,321

YouTube views: 3.05 million

YouTube likes: 15.2k

2. “Beach Again” by SSAK3

Instiz iChart points: 16,174

YouTube views: 9.53 million

YouTube likes: 304.7k

1. “Dynamite” by BTS

Instiz iChart points: 31,414

YouTube views: 355.4 million

YouTube likes: 17.65 million

Source: Instiz iChart
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