These Are The Top 20 Songs In South Korea For July—According To YouTube

Old and new, these amazing songs shaped the month of July!

As many fans know, YouTube is the main source of K-Pop music videos. What fans may not know is that YouTube has a statistics page that can tell you who is popular all around the world!

K-Pop videos get millions of views worldwide, but today we’ll just be focusing on South Korea! These 20 songs are what Koreans fell in love with for the month of July.

20. M.O.M and Lee Boram’s “Foolish Love”

19. D-Hack and Pateko’s “OHAYO MY NIGHT”

18. JOY’s “Hello”

17. IU’s “LILAC”

16. IU’s “Celebrity”

15. Heize’s “HAPPEN”

14. Lim Young Woong’s “My Starry Love”

13. 2PM’s “Make It”

12. Homies’ “Siren [Remix]”

11. Lee Mujin’s “Traffic Light”

10. Brave Girls’ “Rollin'”


8. Taeyeon’s “Weekend”

7. BTS’s “Dynamite”

6. OH MY GIRL’s “Dun Dun Dance”

5. Brave Girls’ “Chi Mat Ba Ram”

4. TWICE’s “Alcohol-Free”

3. BTS’s “Butter”

2. aespa’s “Next Level”

1. BTS’s “Permission to Dance”

Source: YouTube Charts