The Top 20 Most Streamed K-Pop Artists Across All Platforms

Are you faves in the list?

Streaming is one of the biggest indicators of popularity in the music world, with hundreds of charts dedicated to determining stream count results. K-Pop is the same, with streaming playing a large part in award show results.

Chartmaster, a platform dedicated to streaming results, features a list of the most streamed artists ever across all digital service platforms (DSPs), and many in the top 1,000 are K-Pop artists!

Here are the top 20 most streamed K-Pop idols on the list!

20. aespa

Aespa came in 20th of all K-Pop acts and 736th overall with 4.297 billion streams.

| SM Entertainment

19. IVE

IVE came in 19th of all K-Pop acts and 729th overall with 4.325 billion streams.

| Starship Entertainment

18. BTS’ Jimin

BTS‘s Jimin came in 18th of all K-Pop acts and 724th overall with 4.355 billion streams.

| Vogue Korea


BIGBANG came in 17th of all K-Pop acts and 654th overall with  4.773 billion streams.

BIGBANG before T.O.P’s (far left) departure. | YG Entertainment


ENHYPEN came in 16th of all K-Pop acts and 624th overall with 5.068 billion streams.



NCT DREAM came in 15th of all K-Pop acts and 545th overall with 5.590 billion streams.

| SM Entertainment

14. NCT 127

NCT 127 came in 544th of all K-Pop acts and 544th overall with 5.596 billion streams.

| SM Entertainment

13. BTS’s Jungkook

BTS‘s Jungkook came in 13th of all K-Pop acts and 532th overall with 5.701 billion streams.

| BIGHIT Music

12. ITZY

ITZY came in 12th of all K-Pop acts and 526th overall with 5.750 billion streams.

| JYP Entertainment

11. IU

IU came in 11th of all K-Pop acts and 417th overall with 6.998 billion streams.

| Spotify

10. (G)I-DLE

(G)I-DLE came in 10th of all K-Pop acts and 411th overall with 7.123 billion streams.

| CUBE Entertainment

9. Red Velvet

Red Velvet came in 9th of all K-Pop acts and 381th overall with 7.453 billion streams.

| SM Entertainment

8. TXT

TXT came in 8th of all K-Pop acts and 371st overall with 7.626 billion streams.

| BIGHIT Music

7. EXO

EXO came in 7th of all K-Pop acts and 357th overall with 7.815 billion streams.

| SM Entertainment

6. NewJeans

NewJeans came in 6th of all K-Pop acts and 347th overall with 7.961 billion streams.



SEVENTEEN came in 5th of all K-Pop acts and 206th overall with 11.623 billion streams.

| Pledis Entertainment

4. Stray Kids

Stray Kids came in 167th of all K-Pop acts and 167th overall with 13.565 billion streams.

| JYP Entertainment


TWICE came in 3rd of all K-Pop acts and 119th overall with 16.741 billion streams.

| JYP Entertainment


BLACKPINK came in 2nd of all K-Pop acts and 74th overall with 21.888 billion streams.

| YG Entertainment

1. BTS

BTS came in 1st among all K-Pop acts and 6th overall with 71.002 billion streams.

| BIGHIT Music
Source: ChartMaster