These Are The Top 20 Most Watched K-Pop Debuts Of 2020 So Far

So many groups have debuted already this year!

It’s only May, and already there have been so many new K-Pop artists debuting this year! While some come from popular companies (or are solo debuts from already-popular groups), many of the artists that have debuted are from smaller companies or independent, and are already doing quite well for themselves! Here are the top 20 most watched debuts so far of 2020.

20. “TARA-Y-A” by 2NYNE (12.4k views)

19. “Color Magic” by D.COY (22k views)

18. “Into You” by BECZ (33.5k views)

17. “My 1st Hero” by 2Z (38.1k views)

16. “Invisibles” by BANDAGE (67.9k views)

15. “It’s Gonna Hurt” by XENEX (71.5k views)

14. “Don’t Know” by (97.9k views)

13. “Boss” by Kiara (100.3k views)

12. “Timeless” by UNVS (147.4k views)

11. “Burn” by Dustin (152.7k views)

10. “My Angel” by B.O.Y (258.3k views)

9. “Cassette” by DEMIAN (420.5k views)

8. “Paradise” by Siyeon (of Dreamcatcher) (551.2k views)

7. “Sorry Mama” by DKB (1.12 million views)

6. “Aria” by CRAXY (2.85 million views)

5. “Let’s Love” by Suho (of EXO) (6.76 million views)

4. “Magnolia” by TOO (7.13 million views)

3. “Nun Nu Nan Na” by cignature (7.2 million views)

2. “Break All the Rules” by CRAVITY (10.3 million views)

1. “Ice Age” by MCND (17.5 million views)