Here’s Top 3 Airport Outfits That Express BTS Jungkook’s Fashion Style To A Tee

His style is very distinct.

BTS Jungkook’s fashion style is so distinct that it would be easy to spot him even in a crowd. Known for his all-black chic outfits, here are the top three airport outfits by Jungkook chosen by fans.

3. Black leather and skinny jeans

Jungkook wore this outfit back in 2017 as the group headed to the BBMAs.

He is wearing a black leather biker jacket from Noir Larmes, which was a gift from a fan.

His hat was also custom made by ARMY!

For pants, he is wearing Saint Laurent skinny jeans in the lightly used black stretch color.

2. Mismatched shoes

Coming in at number 2 is a rather bright outfit, as he pairs a white shirt with jeans.

For this look, he is wearing a DWSE long sleeve shirt…

…with LAUL side line denim joggers, which has a unique stripe down the leg.

This outfit is also famous for his mismatched Balenciaga shoes!

1. Classic All-black

For his number one airport outfit, fans chose a Jungkook classic.

This look is the epitome of Jungkook’s fashion as it incorporates all of his favorite pieces of clothing.

He is wearing a Snout cap along with a black mask.

He pairs a David Stone turtleneck underneath a black single trench coat.

He is also carrying a Carhartt legacy deluxe workplace backpack.

And of course, he can’t live without his chunky black boots! The ones he is wearing here are from Terror Walker.

Taking a look at his top three airport outfits chosen by fans, we can truly see Jungkook’s distinct taste when it comes to clothes! Which one is your favorite outfit from him?


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