The Top 3 Female Dancers In K-Pop, According To An Idol Trainer

The reigning dancing queens, everyone.

A professional “K-Pop idol trainer” dispatched in China for recruiting and teaching foreign talent, In Ji Woong shared on his YouTube channel his “Top 3” best female dancers in the K-Pop scene. While he advised his choices are based on his preferences as a trainer, viewers generally agreed with his selection of K-Pop’s best dancers.

1. TWICE’s Momo

In Ji Woong commented TWICE‘s Momo has an excellent control over her body. According to the trainer, Momo knows how to accentuate certain movements by micromanaging the level of energy she puts in to the choreography. She is the queen of “Push & Pull” – or “Dynamics” in dance.

2. Chung Ha

According to the trainer, Chung Ha‘s biggest asset is her relatively “heavier” movements. In other words, Chung Ha’s dance flows slightly slower than other dancers’. This, topped with her outstanding ability to show off more colors with her facial expressions, becomes a vibe that is exclusive to Chung Ha.

3. Lee Chaeyeon

In Ji Woong mentioned that of this “Top 3”, Lee Chaeyeon definitely has the most talent and potential. The trainer added that Chaeyeon is on the opposite end of the extreme as compared to Chung Ha. Chaeyeon’s slim but toned physique, with long arms and legs, adds to her ability to do any and all choreographies with a lighter, more energetic take!

With that, K-Pop fans continue to love and support the latest “generation” of idols that are wholesome packages of visuals, talents, and personalities!

While creating this video, I realized K-Pop has come such a long way since the last generation of idols. From the generation past, I was able to pinpoint one exact idol for being the best dancer in the whole scene – but now, I’m torn between three. The world of K-Pop is so full of talent now.

— In Ji Woong

Watch the full clip here:

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