The Top 3 Idol Group Songs of 2019 According To Korea’s Biggest Music Critic Site

There are some surprising choices.

IZM, the biggest music critic site in South Korea, recently listed their top tracks of 2019.

They curated music from a variety of genres, putting together a list of the ten best songs from Korea of the year. Within this list, there are only three idol groups that made it to represent K-Pop.

Check them out below:

1. BTS – Boy With Luv

IZM noted that “Boy With Luv” was noticeably different from BTS‘s previous title tracks such as “Danger”, “DNA”, and “Idol” that had a more hip-hop feeling to them.

They enjoyed how much easier to the ears this song was, and the pleasantness was aided by Halsey’s clear voice in the chorus.

2. LOONA – Butterfly

Although still a rookie group, LOONA gained attention for the diversity of “Butterfly”. The song and music video sent a powerful message about unity.

Their lovely vocals and intense dance break also made it an even more interesting comeback.


3. (G)I-DLE – LION

(G)I-DLE‘s latest song “LION” gained widespread attention despite being a track for Mnet‘s Queendom and not a standalone comeback. IZM praised how elegant and sharp the sound and choreography of the song were.

Other non-K-Pop songs that reached the top 10 list include the following:

4. Baek Yerin – Maybe It’s Not Our Fault

5. Jclef – mama, see


7. Lee SoRa- Song Request (Feat. SUGA of BTS)

8. Yumdda – Call Me

9. Peggy Gou – Starry Night

10. Jay Park, KIRIN- Baddest Nice Guys(Feat. Ugly Duck)

Source: IZM