The Top 30 Best Selling K-Pop Albums of 2020 So Far On Gaon

There are so many rookie groups doing well this year!

Gaon Music Chart recently released the best selling K-Pop albums of 2020 so far! This year many new and rookie groups are placing high on the charts, which is awesome to see. And some older groups are charting high as well! Here are the top 30 highest selling K-Pop albums of the year thus far.

30. Baek Yerin: Every Letter I Sent You (15.4k sales)

29. ONEUS: In Its Time (19.8k sales)

28. Golden Child: Without You (23k sales)

27. Crash Landing On You (OST) (23.5k sales)

26. WAYV: Take Over The Moon (24.5k sales)

25. Yook Sungjae: Yook O’Clock (26.2k sales)

24. EVERGLOW: Reminiscence (28k sales)

23. VERIVERY: Face Me (28.4k sales)

22. ASTRO: One & Only (30k sales)

21. SECHSKIES: All For You (42.5k sales)

20. Dreamcatcher: Dystopia (46.6k sales)

19. Taeyeon: Purpose : Repack (51k sales)

18. iKon: i DECIDE. (55.8k sales)

17. PENTAGON: Universe : The Black Hall (60.6k sales)

16. Ong Seongwu: Layers (66.6k sales)

15. Moonbyul: Dark Side of the Moon (73.9k sales)

14. LOONA: # (79.8k sales)

13. GFRIEND: Labyrinth (82.5k sales)

12. The Boyz: Reveal (86.2k sales)

11. VICTON: Continuous (88k sales)

10. Kim Jaejoong: Ayo : Love Song (107.4k sales)

9. SF9: First Collection (115.2k sales)

8. Super Junior: Timeless (118.6k sales)

7. ITZY: IT’z ME (126.2k sales)

6. ATEEZ: Treasure Ep: Action to Answer (160k sales)

5. Suho: Self-Portrait (213.3k sales)

4. Kang Daniel: Cyan (254.6k sales)

3. IZ*ONE: BLOOM*IZ (480.5k sales)

2. NCT 127: NEO ZONE (748k sales)

1. BTS: Map of the Soul: 7 (4.18 million sales)