These Are The Top 30 Most Liked K-Pop Videos Of 2020 So Far

Is your favorite of the year on the list?

View count is an important measure of a K-Pop artist’s success, but even more important is a music video’s like to dislike ratio! There have been many popular releases that have come out so far this year, from new and old artists alike, and they’ve collected a ton of likes from people who have enjoyed watching them. Here are the top 30 most liked K-Pop music videos that have been released so far in 2020!

30. “Hands Up” by Cherry Bullet (174.4k likes)

29. “A Song Written Easily” by ONEUS (211.4k likes)

28. “Nonstop” by OH MY GIRL (289.5k likes)

27. “So What” by LOONA (324.5k likes)

26. “Spring” by MCND (326.9k likes)

25. “Good Guy” by SF9 (392.5k likes)

24. “Dr. BeBe” by PENTAGON (396.8k likes)

23. “Remember” by WINNER (409.6k likes)

22. “Scream” by Dreamcatcher (423.9k likes)

21. “DUMHDURUM” by Apink (446.6k likes)

20. “Knock” by ASTRO (468k likes)

19. “Break All the Rules” by CRAVITY (481.1k likes)

18. “Red Moon” by KARD (499.4k likes)

17. “Ice Age” by MCND (576.1k likes)

16. “Zombie” by DAY6 (597.6k likes)

15. “Answer” by ATEEZ (651.8k likes)

14. “Hold” by WINNER (680.1k likes)

13. “On Track” by Stray Kids (694.1k likes)

12. “2YA2YAO!” by Super Junior (778.7k likes)

11. “Crossroads” by GFRIEND (782.7k likes)

10. “Fiesta” by IZ*ONE (835.9k likes)

9. “Dive” by iKON (1.26 million likes)

8. “Oh My God” by (G)I-DLE (1.51 million likes)

7. “Not by the Moon” by GOT7 (1.53 million likes)

6. “Ridin'” by NCT Dream (1.53 million likes)

5. “Kick It” by NCT 127 (1.84 million likes)

4. “DUN DUN” by EVERGLOW (2.05 million likes)

3. “WANNABE” by ITZY (2.42 million likes)

2. “Black Swan” by BTS (5.72 million likes)

1. “ON” by BTS (7.99 million likes)