These Are The Top 5 Best Selling Girl Group Songs Of 2019

Can you guess who’s #1?

Digital rankings are always difficult to achieve. As the year comes to a close, it is clear that idols are having an increasingly difficult time charting digitally, with solos and ballads taking the top spots.

These 5 girl groups, however, prove their star power by having their songs streamed millions of times. Without further ado, here are the top girl group songs of 2019 in terms of digital sales!

5. ITZY – ICY (20,055,479)

“Icy” may have been ITZY‘s first comeback, but they did it with a bang that made them look like seasoned idols! The music video currently has over 108 million views and it was streamed 20,055,479 times so far.

4. MAMAMOO – gogobebe (25,276,463)

MAMAMOO‘s “gogobebe” was an energetic song that showed off their incredible vocals. These four girls continue to showcase their talents. The music video has over 43 million views on 1theK’s channel and it was streamed 25,276,463 times in 2019.

3. BLACKPINK – Kill This Love (32,916,073)

BLACKPINK is one of the leading girl groups with the girl crush concept. “Kill This Love” showcases their intense charisma and skills. With over 648 million views and 32,916,073 streams, the song was definitely a sensation.

2. TWICE – FANCY (37,358,349)

“The Nation’s Girl Group” TWICE came back with a more mature concept with “FANCY”. Although it was still bubbly and cute, they diversified their expressions and costumes.

TWICE proved that they can do a variety of concepts, with the 228 million views and 37,358,349 streams showing that the public received them well.

1. ITZY – DALLA DALLA (49,144,819)

Finally, the most streamed digital song among girl groups was “DALLA DALLA” by ITZY! They made a bang in the K-Pop scene with their eclectic song and concept.

The music video was viewed 161 million times (another great feat for a rookie group) and streamed 49,144,819 times in 2019.


Source: Pann