These Are The Top 5 BTS Songs Of All Time—According To A Music Critic

He said it was “pure torture” to pick his favorites!

Recently, Danny Kim from DKDKTV on YouTube teamed up with music critic Kim Do Heon to pick out the 5 best BTS songs in all of their discography. Do Heon confessed that it was perhaps the hardest decision he ever had to make, even calling it “pure torture,” considering he loves many of their songs.

Without further ado, here’s what he chose!

5. “Blood, Sweat, and Tears”

Do Heon explained that he had a personal attachment to the song as it came out when he was enlisted in the military. Typically, the South Korean military listens specifically to girl groups, but when this song came out, they couldn’t move away from their TVs!

He also shares that the music video and vocals were very elegant while the dancing was mind-blowingly impressive and artistic. His favorite dance move comes after the second chorus when the members fall like flower petals.


Finally, he stated that this song was deserving as it was one of the first songs that pushed BTS into the international market. He says it’s almost like the foundation song of BTS’s newer concepts.

4. “Epiphany”

This BTS song is actually a solo by Jin! Do Heon shared that while Jin is extremely handsome, he mostly focused on how stable and beautiful his vocals were. He said that he thinks Jin shines most in ballads and soft, guitar tracks so “Epiphany” was a perfect match.

He loves the song’s meaning and its ability to tie Love Yourself: Her and Love Yourself: Tear together perfectly.

3. “Mic Drop” ft. Steve Aoki

Don Heon stated that this song stood out the most in the album Love Yourself: Her as it rose on the Billboard charts. He comments that many of the previous title tracks fit into how the world saw the K-Pop genre, but “Mic-Drop” was purely hip hop and EDM. He thinks it made people realize that BTS could do many different genres.


He says that the song is very powerful both in vocals and dance and is important to BTS’s ideology. This type of power and self-assurance was not very common in K-Pop, so he thinks this is why it stood out to foreigners.

2. “Dynamite”

Danny disagreed with this choice as he likes the song but wouldn’t put it in the top five. Do Heon countered this by saying that the song catapulted the group into being the first K-Pop group to rank #1 on the Billboard charts. This is why he placed it at #2.

Do Heon shared that before this time, Koreans didn’t even consider being #1 on Billboard as an option. However, after this song, 4 more of their songs rose on the charts. It truly got Korean culture recognized.


Do Heon thinks that this is because boy groups began to be a dying trend in America. After all, the last widely successful “boy group” was probably One Direction. He says that “Dynamite” was able to fill that gap that America lost by being a happy, energetic boy band.

1. “Spring Day”

“Spring Day” is notorious for rising in the charts all the time even though it was released years ago, so it shouldn’t be a surprise it’s number 1! Do Heon shares that although there are many factors to BTS becoming global stars, it truly comes down to their personal stories and journey.


From “No More Dream” to “Run” to “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” to “Permission to Dance,” BTS has told the story of rebelling against society, facing hardships along the way, and ultimately learning to love yourself. He says the song is well sung and is the compilation of memories fans were waiting for. It perfectly encapsulates BTS’s meaning in one song.

Check out the full analysis below!