Here Are The Top 5 Child Stars That Are Absolutely Beloved By Koreans

Some of them have been celebrities for almost their entire lives.

Child stars in Korea are very common, especially in the acting industry, where many Korean actors and actresses originally started as child actors. Entertainment Weekly created a list of the most beloved child stars in Korea, so here are the top 5.

#5. Kim Yoo Jung

Kim Yoo Jung originally debuted when she was only 4 years old, where she starred in commercials and some acting projects.

She started to expand her acting roles as she got older, and has been praised numerous times for her acting skills.

#4. Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye originally debuted in 2003 for the popular drama Stairway To Heaven. She began to expand her acting roles and eventually got her first lead role in 2006.

Park Shin Hye in 2003

#3. Song triplets

How could anyone not love these three adorable children?  Daehan, Minguk, and Mansae are the children of Song Il Kook, and all appeared on the program The Return of Superman. The triplets were famous for their cute behaviors, as well as their tremendous appetite.

Song Il Kook often gives updates on how the triplets are doing, and they look different now when compared to their appearance on The Return of Superman.

#2. Yoo Seung Ho

Yoo Seung Ho began his acting career in 2000 when he was only 7 years old.

He expanded his roles as he got older and rose to fame through his role in the film The Way Home.

Yoo Seung Ho is now a full-grown adult and is now a household name in the acting industry.

#1. Moon Geun Young

Moon Geun Young debuted in middle school and was a part of the famous Korean drama Autumn in My Heart.

Moon Geun Young rose to fame due to the variety of roles she’s portrayed in her acting projects, some serious.

While other roles have been more on the humorous side.

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