Top 5 Stage Outfit Concepts That Will Always Be In Style For K-Pop Boy Groups

These will always be trendy for male idols.

Fashion is a full circle. Trends go round and round. In fact, some K-Pop styles are simply evergreen and never out of style. Of all the “concepts” that idol groups have managed to pull off on stage, here are top 5 that are constantly industry and fan favorites. There will always be a K-Pop boy group rocking one of these five styles on stage!


1. The Fresh School Look

The Korean high-school uniform look is often chosen by newer groups making their debuts or by relatively young groups with some of the members still actually enrolled in school. The “boyness” that are brought out by male idol group members wearing school uniforms gives off an energetic, youthful vibe that a lot of rookie idols aspire to have. Groups like SEVENTEEN and BTOB have all done and slayed the “school boys” look. This somewhat naive and innocent, but hot and fierce styling choice will always be “in” for K-Pop.


2. The Fierce Uniform Look

Ranging from military to sailor, the “uniforms” are always trending in the world of K-Pop stage outfit concepts. Depending on the genre of the track, some groups opt for the traditional, hardcore military-style uniforms that give the members a fierce vibe. Others opt for the less serious and somewhat free-spirited types, like summery sailor uniforms. Groups like BTS and NCT Dream have rocked formal uniform looks on stage before, that drove the fans wild with so much visuals!


3. The Chic Suits

While the easiest and the simplest, the suit style is also the most versatile. Ranging from the very classic, standard full sets to more avant-garde and colorful designs, the suited-up style will always be a favorite among male idols. Because most K-Pop boy group member have amazing physiques that look godly in suits, this style often guarantees a 200% satisfaction rate from the fans! Groups like EXO and TVXQ have done some lit AF suit concepts before.


4. The Sexy Harnesses

Harnesses have been, and will forever be, the stylists’ and fans’ favorite alike when it comes to accessorizing male idols in K-Pop. Spicing up the otherwise simple stage outfits to a whole new level of sexy, the upper body harnesses are hard to resist. Groups like MONSTA X and VIXX have really stepped up the harness game for K-Pop lovers, with many of their performances involving breathtakingly sexy outfits that used leathers, chains, and studded harnesses.


5. The Fun Sporty Look

What better outfit concept than sporty jerseys and track suits to really highlight the teamwork in any boy group? The sporty look, often consisting of mix-and-match sportswear and finished off with fashionable sneakers, is usually a summer-time favorite because of the fun, active, and outdoorsy vibe it gives off. Groups like GOT7 and SF9 have boasted their unbreakable teamwork in matching sports uniforms before. These “activewear” type outfits are also fan favorites because of their casual and somewhat more “approachable” look and feel!

Source: THEQOO