TOP 5 Most Popular K-Pop Idols In North Korea

Even North Koreans love these idols.

Even though North Korea is generally considered “cut off” from the rest of the world, many people living in the sheltered country still listen to South Korean music thanks to USBs or CDs smuggled through China.

The North Korean soldier who defected through the DMZ recently mentioned he wanted to listen to Girls’ Generation‘s “Gee”.

These are the 5 most popular South Korean singers in North Korea.

1. Girls’ Generation

Many North Koreans listen to Girls’ Generation’s songs and even learn their lyrics and choreography. Although the country has their own version of Girls’ Generation, South Korea’s is more popular in the North.


BIGBANG‘s music is very popular with the youth in North Korea thanks to their songs’ addictive rhythms and beats. Many youths will watch their music videos on YouTube and sing along.

3. PSY

PSY gained worldwide fame with “Gangnam Style” and North Korea was no exception. The unique horse-dance and exciting melody are popular with many teenagers and young adults.

4. Jang Yoon Jung

Jang Yoon Jung‘s song “Oh My” is said to be very popular in North Korea with the older population. Her popularity is to the point where North Koreans say Jang Yoon Jung should appear in their country too.

5. Oh Seung Geun

Oh Seung Geun‘s song “Love Me When You Can” is a song that many North Korean officials sing at karaoke. It is a hit song with North Korean businessmen and executives.

Source: Dispatch