Here Are The Top 5 Most Popular BTS B-Sides In The UK, According To Official Chart Data

These tracks are so iconic!

BTS is loved across the world, and the UK is no exception. Their track “Dynamite” even made it to number one on the charts last year. However, like all BTS fans, British ARMYs love every song the group releases, not just their singles.

The UK Official Charts collated data from all of the BTS songs that were not released as singles, and here are the top five most popular tracks in the UK.

5. “Baepsae (Silver Spoon)” (The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt. 2)

The fifth most popular BTS B-Side in the UK is surprisingly the most downloaded BTS non-single on the list. “Baepsae” (also known as “Silver Spoon”) is the oldest track to feature on the list and was included in the 2015 EP The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt. 2. According to the statistics collected, 6,000 British ARMY downloaded the track, and it has been streamed eight million times since it was released.

4. “Best Of Me” (Love Yourself: Her)

At number four on the list is the track “Best Of Me” from the album Love Yourself: Her. Produced by Andrew Taggart from The Chainsmokers, the song seems to have struck a chord with the British public with its change in rhythm, strong performances, and catchy tune. The track was bought over 79,000 times and has been streamed 8.8 million times in the UK.

3. “Anpanman” (Love Yourself: Tear)

In third place is the well-loved track “Anpanman” from their album Love Yourself: Tear! Another uptempo track, the song is extremely catchy and allows all of the members’ talents to shine throughout. Since being released, the track has been bought over 85,000 times and streamed more than ten million times.

2. “Euphoria” (Love Yourself: Answer)

The track that just missed out on the first place is the beautiful track “Euphoria,” which is known as a solo sung by Jungkook. The track was featured in the group’s album Love Yourself: Answer and has 91,000 combined sales, and 11 million streams. One of the unique aspects of the song is the nine-minute trailer video that resembles a small movie.

1. “Go Go” (Love Yourself: Her)

For British ARMY, the most popular BTS B-Side is their 2017 track “Go Go.” From their fifth EP, Love Yourself: Her, the song is an upbeat tune that combines different music genres and even flute elements! Since being released, “Go Go” accumulated 101,000 chart sales and is also their most-streamed non-single by British fans, clocking in at 11 million.

Source: Official Charts, FI and FI