These Were The Top 5 Most Popular K-Pop Groups Of Each Month In 2020 So Far

Different groups were trending at different levels each month!

K-Pop group popularities change throughout the year, depending on who is having comebacks and other activity and who is more inactive and taking a break. Data was collected based on statistics in different categories this year in order to determine each group’s popularity during each month of 2020! These are the 5 most popular groups for each month of the year so far, with the points calculated from the various statistical data collected.


5. BLACKPINK: 6.23 million points

BLACKPINK was trending this month due to the song they made for their partnership with Samsung for their Galaxy A phone!

4. TWICE: 7.04 million points

TWICE’s “Fancy” performance, complete with an epic intro, on the SBS K-Pop Awards kept them high on the ranking in January!

3. EXO: 7.66 million points

Between their concerts and announcements of Chen‘s marriage, EXO was in the spotlight this month for a number of reasons.

2. Red Velvet: 7.79 million points

After Wendy’s injury and hospitalization, Red Velvet’s “Psycho” drew even more attention, especially since the remaining girls were still able to perform the song so well with just four members at awards shows.

1. BTS: 16.28 million points

This was the month that Suga‘s “Interlude: Shadow” was released, making ARMYs hyped up for their upcoming Map of the Soul: 7 release.


5. (G)I-DLE: 5.01 million points

Between cancelling their tour due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the announcement of their comeback, (G)I-DLE’s popularity leaped up in February.

4. BLACKPINK: 5.39 million points

Nothing in particular happened with BLACKPINK this month, but the power of BLINKs waiting for their comeback kept them in the limelight.

3. Red Velvet: 5.63 million points

“Psycho” continued to take the world by storm this month!

2. GFRIEND: 5.81 million points

GFRIEND had their “Crossroads” comeback in February, which was met with much approval and several music show wins.

1. BTS: 18.06 million points

BTS had their highly anticipated comeback this month, releasing a couple different music videos for “ON” that left ARMYs awed and helping BTS break records left and right.


5. EXO: 3.94 million points

Member Suho’s solo debut finally happened this month, and EXO-Ls fell in love with his song “Let’s Love”.

4. Red Velvet: 4.37 million points

Incredibly, Red Velvet just continued to break various records with “Psycho”!

3. BLACKPINK: 5.22 million points

Lisa was gathering a ton of attention with her appearance as a mentor on Youth with You.

2. LOONA: 5.29 million points

LOONA earned their first win this month with “So What”, and their popularity continues to grow!

1. BTS: 13.61 million points

The official “Black Swan” music video was released this month, and BTS take over music show awards with a total of 16 wins for “ON”.


5. Red Velvet: 4.14 million points

Red Velvet’s fans continue to keep them in the limelight, and the rumors of a sub-unit from the group start to spread.

4. MAMAMOO: 4.25 million points

Solar‘s solo comeback with “Spit It Out” happened this month!

3. BLACKPINK: 4.64 million points

Lisa continues to show her popularity as a mentor on Youth with You.

2. EXO: 5.24 million points

Chanyeol announced an upcoming Station collaboration with Raiden featuring Lee Hi and Changmo this month, and Baekhyun announced his upcoming comeback!

1. BTS: 9.90 million points

BTS’s Map of the Soul: 7 album continues to take the K-Pop world by storm.


5. TWICE: 4.09 million points

TWICE’s “MORE & MORE” comeback was announced this month!

4. BLACKPINK: 4.42 million points

YG Entertainment gave fans some hope by claiming their comeback would be released soon, though fans were also wary about the truth to it.

3. EXO: 4.43 million points

Baekhyun had his “Candy” comeback this month, and Chanyeol’s Station collab was released!

2. OH MY GIRL: 4.83 million points

OH MY GIRL’s comeback “Nonstop” is released, which became their most popular hit yet.

1. BTS: 7.92 million points

IU released her collaboration with BTS’s Suga, which was received with praise.


5. SEVENTEEN: 2.91 million points

SEVENTEEN’s latest comeback, “Left & Right”, came out with their Heng:garae album!

4. IZ*ONE: 5.54 million points

This month, IZ*ONE broke the record for the most album sales in the first week with their Oneiric Diary album, selling nearly 390,000 copies.

3. TWICE: 5.95 million points

TWICE’s highly anticipated “MORE & MORE” was released on the first of the month, winning them many music show awards.

2. BLACKPINK: 7.79 million points

“How You Like That”, the group’s pre-release, was finally revealed, giving BLACKPINK their first comeback in over a year.

1. BTS: 12.61 million points

BTS’s new single, “Stay Gold”, came out, becoming their most popular Japanese song.

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