5 Of The Most Savage Diss Tracks Released By K-Pop Idols

Number 2 dissed an award show, but still gets constantly invited.

Some Korean artists are reluctant to release diss tracks, as it could potentially cause some unwanted drama. This especially applies to K-Pop idols, as netizens usually don’t prefer this image on idols. With that being said, many idols have gone on to release some diss tracks, as they didn’t mind some potential backlash from netizens. Here are 5 of the most savage diss tracks released by idols.

1. “Cypher Pt. 2: Triptych” (BTS)

One of BTS‘s most savage diss tracks, especially considering the circumstances surrounding it. The song is a response to rapper B-Free, as he had made some disrespectful comments towards BTS, as well as K-Pop idols as a whole. One of his comments revolved around how Suga and RM fell into the “temptation” of becoming an idol, as he believes that idols aren’t rappers.

There were other rude comments made by B-Free on social media.

All of this prompted BTS to release a diss track dedicated to B-Free, and the members went off.

B-Free would later “apologize” to the members, but many are reluctant to accept the apology, as it happened many years after the incident.

Here is the full song below!

2. MAMA diss (G-Dragon)

G-Dragon was quite the savage in this one, as he decided to diss MAMA while performing at the show.

Much of G-Dragon’s lyrics focused on how the award show doesn’t focus on talent or music, rather they just hand awards out easily so that no one is offended.

Here is the full song below!

3. “My Team” (Zico)

Zico is considered one of the pioneers for idol rappers, as he was one of the first idols to get acknowledged for his rapping skills. This helped get rid of some of the stigma that idols aren’t good rappers.

Zico released “My Team” as a way of dissing artificial idol rappers. Zico also wanted people to stop using his name to build themselves up.

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Here is the full song below!

4. “YGGR #Hip-Hop” (Bobby)

Bobby has released multiple diss tracks, especially when he was on Show Me The Money 3.

While he has released some diss tracks targeting specific idols, his song “YGGR #Hip-Hop” was a diss towards a majority of idol rappers, except for a select few.

Here is the full song below!

5. “Born Hater” (Epik High)

Epik High might not be an idol group, but “Born Hater” is one of the most iconic songs. The song features multiple artists who all diss their haters, such as Tablo targeting those who questioned his Stanford education.

Here is the full song below!