Here Are The Top 5 Most-Searched Korean Artists & Public Figures On Naver In 2020

Three singing acts made the list!

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This article includes descriptions of sexual assault and suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

Often referred to as “the Google of South Korea”, Naver is the go-to search portal and online platform for Koreans. Today, the site released its list of terms that racked up the most searches in 2020—here are the top five artists and public figures who captured the Korean public’s attention.

5. Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, was the 5th most-searched public figure on Naver in 2020. In April 2020, he became the subject of rumors after speculation arose that he may have passed away or become seriously ill. He made the news again in August 2020, when it was revealed that his sister (Kim Yo Jong) was made his de facto second-in-command.


4. Park Won Soon

Park Won Soon, the former mayor of Seoul, was the 4th most-searched public figure on Naver in 2020. The longest-serving mayor of South Korea’s capital, Park Won Soon was accused of sexual harassment in July this year. His former secretary alleged that he used physical and digital means to harass her over a period of four years. The next day, Park was reported missing. His body was recovered later that day on Bugak Mountain, and he was presumed to have died by suicide.

| Reuters

3. Kim Ho Joong

Famous trot singer Kim Ho Joong was the 3rd most-searched public figure on Naver in 2020. The inspiration for popular movie My Paparotti, Kim Ho Joong admitted to illegal gambling in August this year. A week later, he announced that he’d be joining the military to complete his mandatory service.

| THINK Entertainment

2. BTS

BTS made it to no.2 on Naver’s list of most-searched artists and public figures in 2020. This year, the group has had success after success, releasing two albums—Map of the Soul: 7 and BE.

They made history in August when English-language track “Dynamite” reached no.1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. Then, in November, they secured a second no.1 with “Life Goes On”.

Other major achievements BTS saw this year include two record-breaking online concerts and a nomination for the GRAMMY Awards. After so many breaking news stories, it’s no surprise the Korean public has been searching for BTS all year.

| Big Hit Entertainment

1. Lim Young Woong

And the no.1 most-searched artist on Naver in 2020 was Lim Young Woong. While he’s not well-known to many K-Pop fans, 29-year-old Lim took the country by storm when he won TV Chosun music competition Mr. Trot (the most watched variety series of 2020) in March this year. Since then, he’s won awards, made television and movie appearances, and appeared in commercials.

| TV Chosun
Source: Chosun Biz
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