Top 5 Webtoons That Were Made Into Movies

These are the 5 most successful movies based on webtoons.

5. The Neighbors

Released in 2012, “The Neighbors” is a film starring Kim Yun Jin, Ma Dong Suk, Kim Sae Ron, and Kim Sung Kyun. The film was an adaptation of a webtoon by Kang Full about residents of a small apartment discovering that a serial killer lives in their building. The film saw box-office success with 2,434,435 tickets sold.


4. 26 Years

Based on another Kang Full webtoon, the 2012 film adaptation of “26 Years” stars Jin Goo, Han Hye Jin, Bae Soo Bin, and 2AM‘s Im Seulong.  “26 Years” tells the fictional story of five ordinary people who team up to assassinate the man responsible for the Gwangju Massacre in 1980. 2,963,652 people went to theaters to see the film.


3. Moss

Starring Park Hae Il, Jung Jae Young, and Yoon Jun Sang, the 2010 film adaptation of Yoon Tae Ho’s webtoon “Moss” is about a man who comes to a  village for his father’s funeral. He tries to figure out the mystery of his father’s death, but the villagers watch his every move. 3,350,311 people saw the film in theaters.


2. Secretly Greatly

“Secretly Greatly” is a 2013 action-comedy starring Kim Soo Hyun, Park Ki Woong, and Lee Hyun Woo. The film is based on Choi Jong Hun‘s webtoon of the same name, and is about North Korean spies who infiltrate a small village in South Korea. They assimilate to life in the small town until one day, they are given the order to commit suicide. 6,959,083 tickets were sold in Korea for this film.


1. Inside Men

The 2015 film adaptation of Yoon Tae Ho‘s webtoon, “Inside Men,” stars Lee Byung Hun, Cho Seung Woo, and Baek Yoon Shik. The film is about a former henchman who seeks revenge after he is fired by a politician, while a investigator looks for proof connecting them. “Inside Men” and the director’s cut of the film have sold over 9.1 million admissions at the box office combined, making it the top grossing R-rated Korean film.

Source: Dispatch and SBS