Top 6 Best Dancers In K-Pop According To Fellow Idols And Foreigners

They’re the top of the top.

Star K‘s Star Wars show featuring Golden Child‘s Jangjun and Jaehyun as well as JBJ95‘s Kenta ranked the top dancers in K-Pop! Along with several foreign cast members, they chose the top of the top in the entertainment business. They mixed the perspectives of fellow idols and fans during this episode.

As such, here are the best dancers in K-Pop as chosen by the cast of Star K‘s “Star Wars” show!

6. Golden Child’s Donghyun

Jaehyun showed some love for his members by choosing Donghyun as the best dancer. With his powerful moves and great dance line, it’s no wonder he was singled out!

5. INFINITE’s Dongwoo

Fellow Golden Child member Jangjoon, meanwhile, chose  INFINITE‘s Dongwoo as his favorite. He considered this senior the best for an interesting reason: “He can body roll for sure!”

4. CLC’s Seungyeon

The only female dancer on this list, CLC‘s Seungyeon‘s talent speaks for itself. “Star Wars” chose her because of her expressions, sexy and powerful moves, and great flow that makes her dancing very attractive.

3. EXO’s Kai

Nobody can argue that Kai is one of the top dancers in K-Pop and has been since his debut. The “Star Wars” cast were speechless as they watched the Love Shot video of Kai, saying that his skills “need no explanation.”

2. BTS’s Jimin

Jimin started dancing at an early age, helping him achieve his current standing. He’s often remarked to be very powerful and smooth in every move he makes.

1. SHINee’s Taemin

All four foreign cast members in “Star Wars” chose Taemin as their top dancer. One remarked that he has perfect flow and strength. It is always fun and easy to watch Taemin dance, truly showing how amazing he is as an artist.

Watch the full video below!