Top 8 Moments When BTS’s Suga Made The Whole Group Laugh Out Loud With His Blunt Actions And Remarks

Even the hosts were surprised with Suga’s blunt statement at #6.

Known as the reigning “Savage King” in BTSSuga proves through these moments that he may be direct with his words and actions…

…but hey, at least he makes the members laugh, right?

Here are the top moments when his blunt remarks and actions were met with BTS’s laughter.

1. When he said that Jimin looked like he needed to go to the toilet

Jimin was trying to look sexy, but apparently this thought didn’t occur to Suga.

2. When no one wanted to ask him a question

BTS members were supposed to ask Suga a question. If he answered and the lie detector was activated, they were supposed to hit him.

No one wanted to be the one to break the ice, so they all ended up laughing in the end.

3. When he playfully called J-Hope “ugly” on a radio interview

When BTS members were guests at a radio interview, the hosts asked Jungkook which members he thinks are handsome. Jungkook said that all of them were good-looking.

Suga wasn’t satisfied with his answer: he told him to stop saying cheesy things. He even joked that Jungkook should just directly tell J-Hope that he’s ugly.

4. When he explained why he chose Jimin and J-Hope to be with him

J-Hope wanted to find out the reason…

…so Suga showed his honest side and jokingly told him the truth.

5. His best pick-up line

What would BTS members say as their pick-up line? Suga decided to take a shot and he did it successfully when he simply said “You know BTS?” as his answer.

6. When he said the “gyiyomi” aegyo was too old-school

Even the hosts were surprised by his blunt statement.

7. When his “strategy” for the paper game got them immediately disqualified

V was gearing up to prepare for the game, but Suga had other plans in mind.

Instead of trying hard to play, he simply coughed and got themselves disqualified.

8. When he told V he’d kill him

And the way he said it so seriously just made the members laugh more.