Must-Watch: Top 6 Apocalyptic K-Dramas Koreans Can’t Stop Recommending

You’ll binge #5 for sure.

If you’re feeling the itch to watch something that will leave you at the edge of your seat, try apocalyptic K-Dramas! They explore what it would be like to live at the end of the world in a changed society, and it’s filled with thrilling stories that test characters’ survival, resilience, and what it means to be human.

In no particular order, here are 6 apocalypse-themed K-Dramas that you must watch next.

1. Sweet Home

First up is Netflix‘s Sweet Home, and to say it’s adrenaline-packed is an understatement! In this story, apartment dwellers face off against humans-turned-monsters to survive the apocalypse.

2. Happiness

Next, JTBC‘s Happiness takes you on a journey through a world where a new infectious disease breaks out. A high-rise apartment is sealed off, and residents struggle to survive.

3. Kingdom

Zombie K-Drama Kingdom will leave you clicking “Next Episode” at the speed of light! It ingeniously blends a historical environment with a mysterious zombie invasion, treating viewers to epic battles along the way.

4. All Of Us Are Dead

Similar to Kingdom, Netflix’s All Of Us Are Dead centers on a zombie apocalypse. This time, however, it is a high school drama that incorporates elements of youth and will leave you both laughing and crying.

5. Duty After School

OCN‘s Duty After School is a recent K-Drama that finished airing in 2023. Here, students at Seongjin High receive military training to fight extraterrestrial monsters instead of studying for entrance exams.

6. Dark Hole

Last but not the least, Dark Hole tells the story of a mysterious sinkhole suddenly turning people into wild monsters, making survival a difficult yet thrilling adventure. You won’t regret watching any of these!

Meanwhile, get a feel of what Dark Hole is all about in the trailer below.

Source: theqoo
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