10 Aegyo Techniques That’ll Make Any Oppa Fall In Love

K-Pop idols are talented and beautiful, AND they all come with killer aegyo that is impossible to ignore.

“Aegyo (애교)” by definition is an expression of cuteness in order to appeal to another person. Well then, no one does this better than our K-Pop idols. From a simple wink to the full-on “guiyomi song (귀요미송)”, check out these aegyo techniques that will charm any oppa, any day.


1. Let’s start with the simple wave.

Wave, but be cute when you wave. Tilt the head slightly to booster the lovely vibe. Maybe add the extra hair flick for a sexy-cute!


2. The classic wink is an oldie but a goodie.

Practice makes better, if you don’t know how to wink. Winking is a classic way to flirt and K-Pop idols nail this on stage every single time.


3. The flowering face is an easy-breezy move.

Put your palms right underneath your chin, so your face gets all the attention. Pucker up for a kiss and you just might get one!


4. How about pointing out how fluffy your cheeks are?

Another classic aegyo move in the book, poking at your cheeks is a favorite for a lot of K-Pop idols. Careful, this simple trick will have everyone wanting to touch your cheeks!


5. Get creative with those hearts!

Koreans are genius at coming up with ways to make hearts with their arms, hands, and fingers. So get creative, have fun, and flash those hearts everywhere!


6. Put some shoulder into it.

Of course, the bigger the movement, the better the aegyo. Try using your upper body to shimmy your way into it!


7. Don’t underestimate the “Bbooing-bbooing!”

“Bbooing bbooing (뿌잉부잉)” aegyo swept the country and became one of the most used aegyo moves in Korea! It never gets old, so be confident. Draw up those fists to your face and bo peep away.


8. DJ, turn up the “Gwiyomi Song!”

There is, in fact, an entire song that you can sing and gesture along to display the fanciest aegyo moves you got! Learn the “Gwiyomi Song (귀요미송)” and be ready to hit play anytime!


9. Bang, bang! Shoot your aegyo out!

If still unsure, you can try this simple move that K-Pop idols love to use as their go-to aegyo! Remember to aim and fire with love.


10. You can never go wrong with dancing.

When everything else fails and you’re out of ideas, let go and dance it out. Wiggle whatever feels right, and it will be adorable because you’re trying.