The Top 5 Female Idol-Actresses Of 2023, According Entertainment Industry Experts

Did your favorite make the list?

Recently, the Korean news platform Star News surveyed 31 entertainment experts working for major entertainment companies, including SM Entertainment, Starship Entertainment, P Nation, and KQ Entertainment, who they believed were the best idol actors of the year.

Each Here are the top five females!

5. Kim Sejeong

A past member of I.O.I and Gugudan, Kim Sejeong, received five votes. Most recently, she has wowed viewers in the thriller drama The Uncanny Encounter. 

| Netflix

4. Nana

Former member of Afterschool Nana received seven votes. Nana recently appeared in Mask Girl as one of the titular characters.

| Netflix

3. Suzy

Suzy, active in Miss A until their disbandment, received nine votes. Her recent role in Anna earned her industry praise.


| Coupang Play

2. IU

IU received eleven votes, her most recent work being the sports-comedy Dream.

| @dlwlrma/Instagram
| Netflix

1. Girls’ Generation’s YoonA

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA received 13 total votes, leading her to rank first. This year, her role in King The Land was a hot topic alongside her co-star, 2PM‘s Lee Junho.


We can’t wait to see what these stars will do next!

Source: StarNews