Here Are The Top Girl Groups Of Each Generation According To Koreans

Are your faves here?

Some female groups are so legendary that they stand out in a crowd of hundreds of other K-Pop groups even in hiatus. Many of them are still remembered until today for one reason or another.

Korean netizens have picked the biggest girl group names throughout the history of K-Pop. Check them out below!

1. S.E.S (First Generation)

Formed in 1995 by SM Entertainment, S.E.S was one of the best selling girl groups as soon as they debuted. Their debut song “I’m Your Girl” is still one of the most covered tracks today.

2. Fin.K.L (First Generation)

Fin.K.L was the other huge girl group in the 1990’s. Debuting in 1998 under DSP Media, they won several daesangs in multiple award shows. They were popular for their “fairy” visuals.

3. Wonder Girls (Second Generation)

Wonder Girls (2007) was among the first stars in South Korea to hit it big internationally. Their song “Nobody” went viral in different countries around the world, proving the fun and dynamic nature of K-Pop.

4. Girls’ Generation (Second Generation)

Girls’ Generation was another iconic group that hit it big both locally and internationally. Every title track of theirs reached #1 on music shows ever since they debuted in 2007 with “Into The New World”.

5. 2NE1 (Second Generation)

2NE1 popularized the girl crush-hip hop concept that they embodied in most of their title tracks. Their 2009 debut with “Fire” made a splash in the industry, and they continued to share their unique look and sounds until their disbandment in 2017.

6. TWICE (Third Generation)

TWICE owned the “girl next door” concept as soon as they debuted in 2015. They have won numerous “Song of the Year” trophies in year-end award shows, and they are often considered “The Nation’s Girl Group” for their universal charm.

7. Red Velvet (Third Generation)

Red Velvet was one of the first 3rd Generation girl groups to debut. Originally only consisting of four members in their 2015 song “Happiness”, they added their maknae Yeri later that year. Red Velvet is known for being able to pull off their “red” and “black” concepts: sweet and charismatic.

8. BLACKPINK (Third Generation)

Finally, BLACKPINK is iconic for their strong and feminine girl crush concept that is particularly beloved by international fans. Every member is popular in their own right, making for a “super group” when they promote together.

Source: theqoo