Here Are The 10 Male K-Pop Artists Who Gained The Most YouTube Subscribers In February

#2 was a pleasant surprise!

K-Pop groups rely heavily on YouTube to share all kinds of content with their fans. Naturally, as groups’ popularities rise, so will their YouTube follower count. Here are the nine K-Pop boy groups (and one solo artist) who had the best numbers in February!

10. EXO

EXO have a total of 7.2 million subscribers on YouTube, and gained an additional 120,000 last month.

| SM Entertainment


Bighit Entertainment‘s newest boy group, ENHYPEN, gained 130,000 subscribers in February, putting them at a total of 2.2 million.

| Bighit Entertainment


YG Entertainment‘s TREASURE also gained 130,000 subscribers but they have a higher overall subscriber count, with 3.5 million subscribers.

| YG Entertainment

7. Jackson Wang (GOT7)

Jackson Wang’s solo YouTube channel, which was started just over two years ago, gained 140,000 followers in February. He now has a total of 3.6 million subscribers.

6. SHINee

Following their comeback with “Don’t Call Me” last month, SHINee gained 180,000 new subscribers and have 1.9 million in total.

| SM Entertainment

5. TXT

TXT’s YouTube channel saw a 190,000 increase in subscribers, putting them at 6.1 million in total.

4. Stray Kids

Stray Kids gained a considerable amount more, with 230,000 new subscribers over the past month. They now have an overall subscriber count of 5.6 million.

| People

3. NCT

NCT’s general YouTube channel, made up of vlogs and the music videos of each sub-unit, gained 260,000 subscribers and has 3.3 million in total.

| SM Entertainment


ASTRO had a great month, with a 280,000 increase in subscribers! Their total subscriber count is 3.8 million.

1. BTS

Unsurprisingly, BTS top the list–and are also the most subscribed to K-Pop boy group on YouTube. They gained 1.2 million subscribers in the last month and have 45.5 million in total.

| Bighit Entertainment
Source: K-Pop Radar