Top 12 Moments Of TWICE’s Nayeon In A Headband That Will Convince You She Was Made For Them

Nayeon in headbands is an essential fashion statement!

TWICE‘s Nayeon is absolutely stunning, and when talking about her beauty, almost all ONCEs agree that if there’s something Nayeon pulls of spectacularly, it’s headbands!

| JYP Entertainment
| JYP Entertainment

Here are the top 12 GIFs of Nayeon with headbands, and if you aren’t already, they’ll totally convince you that it’s one of the best accessories on her, ever!

1. Her headband-rocking visuals during their “I Can’t Stop Me” era are absolutely unreal!

2. Nayeon in a flowercrown is the most uplifting thing you’ll see today!

3. She is killing this gorgeous purple headband!

4. Nayeon in a headband in a summer-themed MV? YES PLEASE!

5. This infamous GIF of Nayeon chowing down on ice cubes during their “Dance The Night Away” encore stage is unbearably cute!

6. She’s giving off royal queen vibes here!

7. This white headband gives her such an innocent vibe!

8. In this GIF, you get Nayeon’s gorgoeus side profile as she also sports a cute, red and white checkered headband!

9. She’s such a visual queen!

10. Bunny Nayeon is here to slay with her adorable charms!

11. She’s serving nothing but high-quality visuals!

12. Her schoolgirl-ensemble is perfectly pulled together by her plaid headband here!

Bonus: Here’s Sana, Tzuyu and Nayeon being cuties together!