Top 10 Most Searched Male Idols On UK Youtube For The First Half Of 2023

These 10 male idols dominated YouTube searches 🔥

The world has well and truly been swept up by the Hallyu wave, with Korean pop culture leaving its significant mark on international arenas. The popularity of K-Pop in the United Kingdom is no exception, and YouTube search trends for the first half of 2023 clearly illustrate this fact.

BTS’s V | @luv_you1230/Twitter

1. BTS’s Jungkook 

Topping the list of the most searched male idols on UK YouTube is BTS’s Jungkook. The main vocalist of the global sensation BTS, Jungkook’s unique blend of raw talent and charismatic stage presence has catapulted him to the top. His solo performances and covers have been particularly sought after by UK fans, contributing to his number one position.

2. BTS’s Jimin 

Following closely in second place is Jimin, another member of BTS. Known for his dance skills and soulful voice, Jimin has stolen the hearts of many British fans. His performances are frequently the subject of in-depth analysis and appreciation on UK YouTube, speaking volumes of his popularity.

3. BTS’s Suga

BTS’s Suga claims the third spot. As a rapper, songwriter, and producer, Suga has proved his versatility and talent. UK fans admire his lyrical genius and unflinching honesty, driving his high search volume on YouTube.

4. BTS’s RM 

BTS’s leader, RM, is fourth on the list. Known for his intellectual lyrics and profound messages, RM’s solo work, including his mixtapes and collaborations, have a dedicated following in the UK, earning him a significant number of YouTube searches.

5. BTS’s V 

Taking the fifth spot is another BTS member, V. His rich, deep vocals and striking visuals are fan-favorites in the UK. V’s solo tracks like “Winter Bear” and “Sweet Night” continue to accumulate massive views.

6. BTS’s J-Hope 

Sixth on the list is BTS’s J-Hope, an idol renowned for his energy and dance prowess. His solo single “Arson” and tracks like “on the street” remain popular among British K-Pop enthusiasts, leading to his high search ranking.

7. Stray Kids’ Felix

Breaking the BTS monopoly, Stray Kids’ Felix comes in at seventh. Felix’s distinct deep voice and charming personality have captured the attention of UK K-pop fans, resulting in a considerable number of searches for his performances and vlogs.

8. EXO’s Kai

In the eighth spot is EXO’s Kai. Known for his dynamic performance and alluring stage presence, Kai continues to be a popular figure among UK K-pop followers, with a substantial volume of searches relating to his solo work.

9. BTS’s Jin

BTS’s Jin is ninth on the list. The oldest member of BTS, Jin’s incredible vocal skills and charming ‘Worldwide Handsome’ persona has helped him maintain a strong presence on UK YouTube.

10. Stray Kids’ Hyunjin

Finally, rounding off the top ten is Stray Kids’ Hyunjin. Known for his elegant dance skills and expressive performances, Hyunjin has seemingly attracted a large fanbase in the UK.

Source: TheQoo