Trained Dancer Reveals The 7 Strengths That Make Red Velvet’s Seulgi Such An Incredible Performer

This is solid proof that Seulgi is one of the 3rd gen’s best dancers.

Red Velvet’s fans all agree that Seulgi is one of the best dancers of K-Pop’s third generation. But Seulgi’s talent isn’t just an opinion—there’s plenty of evidence to back it up. According to dancer ON THE SCENE on YouTube, these are Seulgi’s seven biggest strengths as a dancer and performer.

1. Seulgi’s lower body projection

One of Seulgi’s biggest strengths as a dancer is the control she has over her lower body—from her hips to her feet. She’s shown time and time again that she can project her lower angles precisely without breaking a sweat.

2. Seulgi’s precise arm control

But Seulgi’s skills aren’t limited to her lower body. Her arm control is also super precise, which is part of why people see her as such a “sharp” dancer.

3. Seulgi’s precise body locks

Locking is a type of dance commonly associated with hip hop, where dances execute a fast movement then “lock” it into place. This is another area where Seulgi excels. ON THE SCENE says her body looks are some of the most precise they’ve even seen.

4. Seulgi’s relaxed isolations

Another common hip hop dance technique is isolation—moving one part of your body while keeping the rest still. Seulgi’s isolations are always clear and they never look forced.

5. Seulgi’s full and extended movements

Ultimately, Seulgi’s movements are always extended perfectly just like a good dancer’s should. She utilises space and angles to make the most of her moves without going over the top.

6. Seulgi’s natural groove

Even though Seulgi’s technical ability is evidently impressive, she definitely has the raw aptitude of a dancer behind her. You can see this through her natural groove—when it comes to bouncier moves, she relaxes and feels the music to create a smooth image.

7. Seulgi’s perfect beat awareness

K-Pop fans often point out how some idols “overdance” or “underdance”. Of course, that’s not a problem for Seulgi. She feels the beat with ease, matching the intensity of her moves to the feel of the song.

In their video, ON THE SCENE also described Seulgi’s technique, identified her few weaknesses, suggested some styles of dance she’d ace, and scored her out of 10. Watch the full analysis for yourself here:

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