10 Things You Might Not Know About HYBE’s “Trainee A” Boy Group

Meet the members, and more.

If you’ve heard the rumors about an upcoming HYBE Labels boy group, it might be Trainee A. Here are 10 fun facts to get stan journey started!

1. Who is “Trainee A?”

A few months ago, netizens stumbled across a YouTube channel for Trainee A, a pre-debut group of mysterious trainees under HYBE Labels. Although HYBE has yet to officially announce the group, the trainees can be seen rehearsing at the former Big Hit Entertainment building.

Trainee A member | Trainee A/YouTube

Furthermore, Trainee A’s Instagram account is followed by HYBE Labels producers Slow Rabbit, PdoggHiss Noise, and FRANTS. Trainee A has also opened Twitter and TikTok accounts, where fans can get to know the members. The group, which currently has six members, is rumored to debut in 2022 under HYBE Labels.

| @_trainee_a/Instagram

2. The current members

A total of six pre-debut trainees currently form the lineup for Trainee A: Inhyuk, Jihoon, Leo, James, Sangwon, and a recently revealed hidden memberJJ.

Trainee A pre-debut lineup | @_trainee_a/Instagram

Inhyuk, the oldest member, was born on August 5, but his year of birth has not yet been shared.

| @_trainee_a/Instagram

Leo, a 2002 liner, is the second-eldest. He recently celebrated his 19th birthday on August 22.

| @_trainee_a/Instagram

Sangwon was born on May 8, 2003, making him 18 years old.

| @_trainee_a/Instagram

There is a two to three year age gap between Sangwon and the youngest members. James was born on October 14, 2005 and will be turning sixteen this year.

| @_trainee_a/Instagram

Jihoon, born in 2006, was believed to be the youngest member, but he may no longer be the true maknae, depending on when his birth date is.

| @_trainee_a/Instagram

Hidden member JJ was revealed to be a 2006 liner, born on January 27th. Like the rest of his members, this 15-year-old is very young but also very talented!

| @_trainee_a/Instagram

3. The former member

A trainee by the name of Junil left Trainee A at the beginning of this month, for personal reasons. On August 2, Trainee A sent farewell messages to Junil in a YouTube video called “Undelivered Words.”

Junil | @_trainee_a/Instagram

Junil, it seemed like you really wanted to become an idol, and wanted to make a debut. I’m sure you will be successful in the future!

— Leo

Not much is known about Junil, but during his short time with Trainee A, he proved to be a talented dancer.

4. Their talents

The members have shared various clips of themselves singing and dancing on YouTube and TikTok, but they have even more to offer. James, for example, speaks four languages: English, Korean, Thai, and Chinese. Sangwon choreographs his own dances.


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Leo has proven to be a skilled singer, rapper, and composer with his self-composed song “Move On.”

Who do I have to laugh with now?
As if waiting for you needlessly, I can’t move on

— “Move On” lyrics, English translation

5. Where are they from?

Sangwon is from Seoul, South Korea. James is Thai-Chinese and from Hong Kong. Leo moved from Australia to Korea to pursue music at the age of 17. JJ is half American and half Japanese, born in Japan’s Hyōgo Prefecture. Inhyuk and Jihoon’s hometowns have not yet been revealed.

| @_trainee_a/Instagram

6. Cameos

Leo appeared as an extra in BTS‘s “Permission to Dance” music video, along with two teenage girls who are rumored to be HYBE trainees as well.

Leo with two “Permission to Dance” actresses | HYBE Labels/Youtube 

Have the other members made cameos? Fans spotted someone who bears a striking resemblance to Sangwon in a movie called She’s Dating the Gangster.

7. James is an athlete

James specializes in dance, but that’s just one of his skills! He’s also a hockey player and a Taekwondo athlete.

8. Jihoon wins competitions…and loses hats

Sometimes, Jihoon’s bucket hats take a beating when he dances, and he has been known to lose them.

But you know what he didn’t lose? A dance cover contest for WINNER‘s “REALLY REALLY.” Although he didn’t win first place, he did take second, and that’s just as impressive! At the time, he was just a kid.

9. JJ is the youngest member, but he has already debuted once

JJ used to be part of a J-Pop group called Amezari Red Stars. When the group debuted in 2015, he was just 9 years old! His stage name was Jay.

JJ, formerly Jay of Amezari Red Stars. 

10. They have a great sense of humor

Many HYBE’s artists are known for having playful, fun personalities, and it seems like Trainee A is no exception! Just check out this TikTok, courtesy of James.


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