These Are The Trainees People Expect To Rise In The Upcoming Episodes of Produce X 101

They are already starting to rise, and people hope they will continue to.

After episode 6 of Produce X 101, netizens were quick to notice how these lower ranked trainees have started moving up the ranks. They are expected to continue rising, and many hope that they will be recognized for their talents.

1. Han Seungwoo (Plan A Entertainment)

From rank 30 to 13.

2. Lee Jinhyuk (TOP Media)

From rank 25 to 11.

3. Cho Seungyeon (Yuehua Entertainment)

From rank 28 to 17.

4. Kang Hyunsoo (AAP.Y Entertainment)

From rank 40 to 22.

5. Baek Jin (Vine Entertainment)

From rank 45 to 30.

Netizens have expressed their happiness over their rise in rank, citing that they are all visuals with immense talents. Many have hopes that one (or more) of them make the final debut line-up.

Source: The Qoo