4 Times TREASURE Proved Their Acting Skills With Pre-Debut Cameos And Commercial Appearances

They’re singer-actors!

TREASURE tried their hands at acting in the 35th episode of TREASURE MAP in preparation for their parody drama. Though it was the first time they attempted it as a group, several of the members already had personal acting experience from their pre-debut years.

Check out some of them below!

1. Junghwan

First up, Junghwan wrote down in their reality show that he aims to venture into acting to “let everyone know about TREASURE.” This isn’t a far-off dream as he has an edge over the rest thanks to his days as a child actor.

I acted in commercials and I had a cameo.

— Junghwan

One of them was for a smartphone app called Zoomoney in 2013, and it showed a tiny Junghwan being a confident baby chaebol!

Remember, he’s a man who can’t stand debts!

Even in other old dramas, eagle-eyed fans have spotted him owning every single role he was in as a child.

2. Junkyu

Like Junghwan, Junkyu also starred in several commercials when he was younger. He had a bright aura that was perfect for playing different kinds of roles.

TREASURE Makers can look forward to his acting in the upcoming TREASURE MAP episode!

3. Yedam

Next up, Yedam had a very memorable cameo appearance in WINNER‘s own parody video during WINNER TV. Though he’s one of TREASURE’s main vocalists, he showed off his rap to his “noona” Nam Taehyun in their version of The Heirs.

Who can forget his iconic moonwalk while leaving the convenience store?

4. Mashiho

Finally, among the most recent acting cameos of TREASURE was Mashiho’s eye-catching appearance in AKMU‘s 2017 musical short film entitled “Spring of Winter.”

He was a coffee house worker whom Suhyun couldn’t help but stare at all day.

His visuals stole the show!

| AKMU/YouTube


As a bonus, co-leader and rapper Hyunsuk also had a short but sweet appearance in YG Future Strategy Office when he sang G-DRAGON‘s “Untitled.” His impersonation of his senior was spot-on!

Yedam also showed up as another trainee who was scolded for only preparing one song.

When it comes to acting, TREASURE has a bright future ahead of them thanks to their previous experiences!