The 3 Fundamental Styles Of Male K-Pop Idol Airport Fashion, As Seen On TREASURE

Which style is your fave?

TREASURE is gearing up for their first solo tour in the Philippines. On April 13, they took a flight from Seoul to Manila and stunned reporters and fans alike with their visuals and fashion.

The members were fresh in their own unique ways. Check them out below!

1. The Cool Guys


First up, Yoshi strutted down the airport in an outfit that belongs on the runwayβ€”a bright red cardigan with a CHANEL brooch.


Fellow Japanese member Haruto was like a 90s movie star with his leather jacket and dark sunglasses.


Hyunsuk was the laidback type in his oversized black clothing and large silver necklace.


Maknae Junghwan, meanwhile, was charismatic in his leather pants, pinstriped jacket, bright blue shirt, and handkerchief combination.

2. The Preppy Guys


Jeongwoo was the first of the preppy boys, wearing a relaxed-fit green sweater that was simple and cute.


Jihoon put on a classic varsity jacket that showed off his boyish good looks.


Asahi, like Jihoon, was also fitted in a retro jacket, this time a brown one with several patches embroidered into it. It accentuated his youthful visuals for sure!

3. The Homey Guys


As for the last group of airport fashion basics, Junkyu led the pack of homey dressed guys, looking comfortable in a white Supreme hoodie.


Doyoung usually has the most eye-catching fashion in the group, but this time around he went with the boy-next-door image in a light pink cardigan.


Finally, Jaehyuk donned a Golden Goose sweater with a geometric pattern over a plain white shirt…a lazy Sunday classic.

One thing is certain: everyone in TREASURE is a fashionista!


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