10 Times We Knew TREASURE Would Become The Best Dads Ever

#4 makes our hearts full!

TREASURE became a group of babysitters, not idols, in Episode 39 of TREASURE MAP. It was a fun-filled day as they talked to the children and ran around with them in the playroom. After watching the episode, fans knew that they’d all eventually become great dads.

Check out some examples why below!

1. When they had experience with kids

First up, Yoshi revealed that if he didn’t become an idol, he wanted to be a kindergarten teacher instead. His gentle nature makes him perfect for the job!

Hyunsuk also has extensive experience dealing with kids. He reminded the audience that he “took care of [his] baby sister for ten years at home.”

2. When Yoshi aced it as a babysitter

Yoshi may be one of the more quiet members of TREASURE, but he was talkative and energetic with his partner. He was even able to get him to shout “Yoshi!” three times together.

3. When Asahi and Haruto were touched

Asahi and Haruto were heart-struck when they met their pair for the day, Eunseo. In fact, Asahi even teared up as he was reminded of his own sister.

I think I’m gonna cry. I think I’m gonna cry. You know I have a younger sister right? She reminds me of how my sister was like in the past.

— Asahi

4. When they were genuinely concerned for her

The moment they met, Haruto gently asked her mother if there was anything about Eunseo that they needed to take note of.

Is there anything that Eunseo doesn’t like? Or something she can’t have?

— Haruto

They made sure she was safe from any possible head bumping accidents, saying, “Careful, watch your head!” while she was inside the mini house.

5. And they put Eunseo above their fun

Even though Asahi wanted to jump on the trampoline right away, he put Eunseo first and played with her.

6. When Mashiho and Jeongwoo ran

The partner of Mashiho and Jeongwoo had more energy than the both of them combined! As soon as she was finished playing in one area, she’d rush to the other, tiring them out.

7. When they bought juice again and again

Jeongwoo bought several juice bottles in order to win a triceratops figure. Unfortunately, even after buying it seven times, they just couldn’t get one.

Want me to buy three more?

— Jeongwoo

They distributed the leftovers to the rest of the kids so there was no wastage.

8. When Hyunsuk couldn’t stop smiling

Hyunsuk was all smiles the entire day. He couldn’t stop gushing over the cuteness of his partner!

9. When Junghwan did a great job

Jihoon may have joked that the kids were “Junghwan‘s friends,” poking fun at his young age, but there was some truth to it! Junghwan had great chemistry with his partner as they had fun playing with dinosaurs and fake ice cream.

10. When Jihoon and Jaehyuk did their best

Though they didn’t have the best chemistry with the children, Jihoon and Jaehyuk still did their best to engage them in conversation and playtime. They brought them drinks and ice cream, paying attention to their every need.

Great with kids? That’s TREASURE!

Check out the full episode below!