4 Times TREASURE’s Bond Was So Strong, They Knew Everything About Each Other

They could also predict their next moves.

TREASURE may be one of the newer groups in K-Pop, but their bond is already years in the making. They know each other so well, in fact, they’re just like a group of brothers! In Episode 48 of TREASURE Map, they showed off their friendship when they were asked to predict each other’s actions after watching short clips of themselves.

Check out their best moments below!

1. When they knew what would happen after Jaehyuk killed the mood

First up, Jaehyuk is one of the mood makers of the group who is always determined to lighten up the atmosphere. Sometimes it works and other times he makes the members groan because of how cheesy he is.

TREASURE was asked to guess what happened right after Jaehyuk did a mood-killing dance. Everyone knew the answer right away—fellow extrovert Jeongwoo came to his aid and copied his moves!

2. When they knew Jihoon’s pizza dislikes

Another question they were asked was on Jihoon‘s only request when ordering food. As soon as they heard the hint that it was his “dislike,” they accurately imitated him, “Just don’t get pineapple pizza!”

3. When they knew just how weak Jeongwoo was

Even if Junghwan is TREASURE’s youngest member, he’s one of their strongest! Everyone knew that Jeongwoo would lose to him right away in arm wrestling, correctly picking “three seconds” as the match’s duration.

4. When they all guessed Junkyu’s habit

Finally, the boys often watch re-runs of TREASURE Map, and all 12 members knew of Junkyu’s habit of exclaiming, “Why did I act like that?” during particularly embarrassing scenes.

Junkyu | TREASURE/YouTube

TREASURE’s bond is so strong, they can answer most questions about one another!


Check out the full video below.

Source: YouTube