These 20+ Celebrities Dropped Their Own Versions Of TREASURE’s Viral “DARARI” Dance Challenge

The #dararichallenge already has over 360 million views!

One of TREASURE‘s B-Side songs is gaining widespread attention at a quick pace! This was none other than “DARARI,” a track composed by members Yedam, Hyunsuk, Yoshi, and Haruto alongside YG Entertainment producers. Yedam in particular played a large role in the direction of the song.

A version of “DARARI” went viral thanks to a cute and simple dance challenge on TikTok. The original version by TREASURE is also gaining traction online. In fact, several big names in the entertainment industry did their own versions of it.

Check them out below!


First up, WINNER’s HOONY was one of the first to hop on the trend last February.

2. Sandara Park

Dara may not have a TikTok account but she still supported TREASURE with a post on her Instagram page.


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3. Sorn and Henry

Former CLC member Sorn and former Super Junior member Henry teamed up for their own version of the “DARARI” challenge.


#dararichallenge we are back 😎 @iamhenry


Sorn also did it with content creator Sabrina Azhar.


#dararichallenge WE ARE BACK @jpbrinx 😎


4. Somi

Somi, a soloist under YG Entertainment‘s subsidiary, THE BLACK LABEL, supported her fellow artists with her video of the TREASURE B-Side.


#dararichallenge 트레쟈 하이띵


5. DRIPPIN’s Junho

DRIPPIN’s Junho was confident and cute during his own take of the “DARARI” challenge.


#dararichallenge #DRIPPIN #드리핀 #차준호 #CHAJUNHO #ジュンホ #fyp


6. HKT48’s Nako

Former IZ*ONE member and current HKT48 artist Nako took a break from work to dance to TREASURE’s challenge.




7. AKB48’s Hitomi

Fellow former IZ*ONE member Hitomi also did the challenge but this time with her brother.


久々のお兄ちゃん🐯#インディー魚眼 #本田仁美 #혼다히토미


8. NCT Dream’s Haechan

Haechan was spotted doing the “listening to music” dance move during an online fansign.

9. WEi’s Yohan

WEi’s Yohan also did it during a fansign.

10. VIVIZ’s Eunha

VIVIZ’s Eunha (formerly from GFRIEND) was another K-Pop idol who showed off her “DARARI” moves while in a fansign.

11. Stray Kids’ I.N

Stray Kids’ maknae I.N supported his fellow 4th-generation idols with his version.

12. STAYC’s Isa

STAYC’s lead vocalist Isa got a hang of the moves quickly.

13. STAYC’s Seeun

So did fellow member Seeun!

14. ENHYPEN’s Sunoo

Sunoo was happy to accept a fan’s request to do the “DARARI” dance challenge during an online event.

15. Kiseop

Former U-KISS member Kiseop charmed fans with his video as well.


#dararichallenge 🎧🎶


16. Miguel Tanfelix

Filipino actor Miguel Tanfelix notably used TREASURE’s official version of the song in his video.


trial.mp4 😂

♬ 다라리 (DARARI) – TREASURE (트레저)

17. Kristel Fulgar

Kristel Fulgar, another Pinoy actress, recently released her version of the dance challenge as well.


First try lol nahiya pa sa dulo 🙈


18. Alvin Chong

Malaysian singer-actor Alvin Chong was another international celebrity who hopped on the “DARARI” trend.


#dararichallenge #darari


19. Trainee A’s JJ

JJ, a trainee from the upcoming boy group of BIGHIT MUSIC, posted his take on the dance on TikTok.


bonita🐻 #JJ #Kpop #TraineeA #fyp


20. HOOK’s Aiki

Street Woman Fighter contestant and HOOK member Aiki showed off her cute side with her video.


넌 나에게 사랑에 빠진다.


21. SECRET NUMBER’s Denise and Sunny Dahye

Denise and YouTuber Sunny Dahye showed off their sunkissed style of the challenge on the latter’s TikTok channel.


#dararichallenge with @denisethekim 💕🙊 #trending #fyp #trend



Last but certainly not the least, the TREASURE members themselves released their own versions of the “DARARI” dance challenge and had fun doing so!

Jeongwoo and Haruto


다라라라라라리~🎼 #DARARI #dararichallenge #하루토 #HARUTO #박정우 #PARKJEONGWOO #TREASURE #YG

♬ 다라리 (DARARI) – TREASURE (트레저)

Asahi, Doyoung, and Junghwan


Play it▶️ #DARARI #dararichallenge #SOJUNGHWAN #소정환 #DOYOUNG #도영 #ASAHI #아사히 #TREASURE #YG

♬ 다라리 (DARARI) – TREASURE (트레저)

Yoshi, Mashiho, and Hyunsuk


트메를 위한 멜로디 💝🎶 #DARARI #dararichallenge #최현석 #CHOIHYUNSUK #요시 #YOSHI #마시호 #MASHIHO #TREASURE #YG

♬ 다라리 (DARARI) – TREASURE (트레저)

Jaehyuk, Junkyu, Jihoon, and Yedam


솔라미파솔🎶🎼 #DARARI #dararichallenge #BANGYEDAM #방예담 #JIHOON #지훈 #JUNKYU #준규 #YOONJAEHYUK #윤재혁 #TREASURE #YG

♬ 다라리 (DARARI) – TREASURE (트레저)

The “DARARI” challenge already has over 360 million views on TikTok alone, making it the latest hit for sure!

Source: TikTok