10 Of The Cutest Moments Between TREASURE’s Haruto & Jeongwoo

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TREASURE‘s main rapper Haruto and main vocalist Jeongwoo are the cutest of friends, and these 10 adorable moments between them prove it. Read on for heartwarming “RuJeongwoo”/”HaJeongwoo” goodness.

1. When Jeongwoo picked Haruto as his partner

Haruto and Jeongwoo have been warming Teume’s hearts since day one. During YG Treasure Box, the YG Entertainment survival show that formed TREASURE, trainees were once asked to pick a partner which whom they would form a unit of two and battle together. When it was Jeongwoo’s turn, he chose Haruto without hesitating, right after the two gave each other a cute wave.

2. When Haruto complimented Jeongwoo

When the TREASURE members were asked to compliment each other during a Billboard interview with, Haruto had nothing but sweet things to say about his best friend—and Jeongwoo’s shy reaction made this moment even cuter.

3. When Jeongwoo thanked Haruto

Hearing Jeongwoo say, “My friend Haruto! Thank you for taking care of me, and I love you,” has to be one of the authentically sweet moments we’ve ever seen between two groupmates.

4. When they reassured each other

Just before they were about to perform one of their most nerve-wracking and important stages together during YG Treasure Box, Jeongwoo and Haruto cutely reassured each other with the most heartwarming smiles.

5. When Haruto loved teasing Jeongwoo

This particular moment when Haruto teased Jeongwoo by copying his reactions is sure to bring a smile to Teume’s faces—and seeing Jeongwoo’s reaction will make that smile even bigger.

6. When they shocked with their babysitting skills

Need a pick-me-up on a bad day? Trust us when we say this compilation of Haruto and Jeongwoo acting as babysitters for a day will melt all your worries away (and maybe your heart too).

7. When their selcas were just everything

Haruto and Jeongwoo have posted some of the cutest selca (selfie) photos we’ve seen. These two best friends being totally handsome only increases the cuteness level in their pictures and makes it impossible to look away from them.

| YG Entertainment

8. When they covered “Oh Yeah”

Not only are Jeongwoo and Haruto talented and fun to watch as a duo, they’re also incredibly cute. When they covered “Oh Yeah” by BIG BANG‘s GD & TOP, even Yang Hyun Suk himself couldn’t hold back his smile.

9. When they went to a Winner concert together

The duo dancing and jumping around to WINNER songs has to be a perfect combination. Seeing them have so much fun and enjoy themselves while supporting their seniors would make anyone melt.

10. When Jeongwoo made a cameo in Haruto’s fan call

Though this clip is too short for Teume’s liking, Haruto and Jeongwoo’s smiles easily make it one of the best. The laughs they share make us envy the fan that got to witness this adorableness first-hand.